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I’ve made it clear in several previous reviews that I’m big fan of The Body Shop’s Body Butters, but my knowledge of their skincare used to stop there. A few weeks ago, I received a bottle of the new Nutriganics Drops of Youth serum. My first thought was that I can’t believe no one has used the name ‘Drops of Youth’ for a beauty product before now!

Drops of Youth focuses on the first signs of anti-ageing and making them disappear. The ingredients are predominantly natural, around 98%, as well as being eco-certified; meaning they contain organically sourced ingredients as well as being sustainable produced. As you may or may not know, stem cells have a bit of a reputation for medical reasons and preventing ageing, and this contains plant stem cells so it’s totally ethical  - this is a Body Shop product after all.

Criste-marine plant stem cells have the ability to repair damaged tissue as well as comfort skin concerns, helping to regulate skin cell turnover as well as assist in the desquamation of skin cells (medical term for exfoliate, but its more than that, this ingredient doesn’t remove them, it loosens the bonds holding dead skin cells to the surface skin).

Unlike The Body Shop’s body butters, which are incredibly rich, this little wonder serum has a gel-like texture and glides on to the skin. A little goes a long way so all it takes are a couple of drops to cover the face and neck; meaning this product lasts for ages.

The results? Once it dries in, a silk-like veil forms over the skin, making it soft to the touch. Over time, fine lines are reduced and the overall complexion is more radiant and smooth. I’m hooked and I predict that this fantastic product will become a cult beauty hit!


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