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I’ve had a mixed relationship with beauty oils over the years. Roughly, on average, for every one that I have loved I have tried five that I found to be greasy and which didn’t absorb efficiently into the skin. For this reason I am always quite wary of trying them but when I smelled Roger & Gallet’s Fleur d’Osmanthus Beauty Oil formulation I just had to see if it could deliver – and thankfully it does.

Containing the ultra-sensorial natural oils of apricot, sesame and almond, this has the most amazing zesty fresh aroma that really wakes you up as soon as you smell it. Easily dispensed, this is silky smooth on application and it actually absorbs incredibly quickly to leave your skin looking and smelling beautiful – good enough to eat really!

Apparently this can also be used on hair and adding just a few drops to the ends of dry hair can restore softness and shine. I didn’t actually test it on my locks but for anyone with coloured hair (which is more porous) the scent would stick for even longer and leave you smelling gorgeous.

If I was to describe this in one word it would be delicious. The residual scent is beautiful and will leave you with a smile on your face while your skin will be fabulously soft. One thing I would advise is to forgo using perfume after applying this unless it has the same or similar notes. This has such a powerful aroma that you wouldn’t want to overpower it with conflicting ones and, honestly, this smells fresh enough that you shouldn’t need anything else

€26.50 from pharmacies.


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