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The NYC brand always catches my eye; the prices are unbelievably low and the packaging is never less than professional and eye catching.

With so many foundations available on the make-up market, it can be overwhelming at times choosing the right one. I thought I’d give NYC All Day Long Foundation a shot. It claims to last for up to 14 hours, deliver a non-shiny, matte finish and all for under five euro, it would be an absolute sin not to give it a go!

I tried the shade Classic Beige and although my skin would give the paler than pale vampire Edward Cullen a run for his money, the colour blended in quite nicely with my face. The liquid seemed slightly translucent on certain areas but once this was checked and corrected in the mirror, no further complaints could be made!

The colour really does give a healthy glow and let’s off a slight shine in the most flattering possible way! The 14 hour long lasting claim is not far off the mark either.

Happily surprised by this budget-busting product!


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