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Oh how I long for the day a product is created to transform my stubby eyelashes into lashes a giraffe would be proud to flutter! So imagine my delight when I was asked to try Maybelline’s relatively new Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara.

I’m prone to breaking a few rules all in the name of beauty and let’s be honest, I’m desperate for the length, so I was excited about giving this product a test run!

The packaging promises the buyer an instant lash extension effect of up to 4mm long without the flakes. The fibre-fix brush is designed to reach each lash from a different angle and the sealing formula visibly stretches overall lash appearance.

The wonder of this product! It doesn’t leave lashes clumpy like many other brands but as for the ‘illegal length’ promise; unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be breaking any laws soon! Although my eyelashes appeared marginally longer, it was only a very slight effect and nobody around me noticed.

It’s a nice product but pretty much false in its claims!


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