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Home hair colourants have always had something of a mixed reputation. For every person who loves them there is another who is still traumatised by a bad experience with a colouring product. There is also the fact that historically they have been extremely messy, which puts a lot of people off using them. However, all that is about to change with the launch of John Frieda Precision Foam Colour; which is truly one of the most innovative new products I have encountered in a long time.

Unlike previous hair colouring products this are extremely easy to mix, you literally just add the colourant to the developer and gently tip the bottle. No frantic shaking of the colour is needed and it mixes evenly and quickly. When you first see the formula it is difficult to believe that what looks like a modest amount of colour will actually manage to do a whole head of hair. However this is where the science comes in. Although it looks liquid in the bottle it dispenses as a foam, meaning that there is far more product than you would think on initial inspection.

The foam’s texture also makes it much easier to distribute evenly through your hair. Many people in the past have complained that they get a patchy effect from home colours but this is incredibly easy to apply and even makes getting the back of your hair simple. I saw a model demonstrate this having never used the product before and in next to no time she had managed to cover her whole head and there was still plenty of product left in the bottle. There is no need to worry about sectioning off your hair as with some other colourants. Rather the foam is easily distributed through the hair by massaging the scalp – much like shampooing your hair.

After rinsing, you’re left with incredibly rich colour and the conditioner included with the product will help to seal it in. Unlike many hair colourants that only give you enough conditioner for one wash, this is a very generously sized bottle that will last for several washes. It’s also an excellent conditioner and of the quality you would expect from the John Freida range.

Another fantastic side effect of the foam formulation is that it doesn’t drip, so you won’t have drips of colour all over your bathroom. If your only reservation about colouring your own hair has been the mess then this product eradicates that.

Nicola Clarke, the Creative Colour Director at John Frieda, swears by this product. Despite being surrounded by top colourists in John Frieda salons, this is all that she will currently use to colour her hair – high praise indeed – and her locks are glossy and luscious and the colour is incredibly rich

While there will always be some people who are dedicated to their salon visits, this product should help take some of the fear out of home colouring and with a recommended retail price of just €13.25, it could save you a fortune. I genuinely can’t believe how easy this product is to use and the fabulous results it delivers. If you are thinking of dipping your toe in to home hair colouring then I would thoroughly recommend this.


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