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The Inglot make-up range continues to impress! Take their Freedom System Palette for example. Its two-tone blush for the face ensures the user is always given choice, so use either colour or why not mix both.

The range comes in 20 different shades, so you’re bound to find one that suits your skin tone. The colour defines cheek bones (giving the illusion I actually have some!) and blends in with other make-up well. Plus, to get to the make-up, there’s a magnetic thingy you have to slide to the side, fun… I hold the future in my hands people!

Likewise, Inglot seems to be changing the future of mascaras, which I found out when I tried the Colour Play Mascara collection. The range comes in five daring colours: brown, blue, turquoise, purple and navy… not colours necessarily obvious shades you’d fluttering from your blinkers in the office! The colour blue did scare me initially; I had tried out a pink mascara brand back in the day for a nightly rave and the colour, as fabulous as I felt at the time, made me look utterly ridiculous. Never fear however, with the Inglot brand the blue colour (Colour Play Mascara 03 if you care to know!) was very subtle and dark, elongated my lashes and complimented my blue eyes perfectly. It didn’t do much in terms of thickness of the lashes (I need all the help I can get in that department!) but overall, very impressed!


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