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I have to admit that Garnier products have fallen off my beauty radar for quite some time now. It wasn’t intentional – it was just that I discovered other much-loved brands and products and never seemed to have a need or a gap in my beauty schedule to revisit the brand.

However, when I was recently asked to try Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector this cream a wave of nostalgia swept over me as I recalled previous positive experiences with other Garnier products. Curious to see if my recollections were correct, I was eager to test this and immediately fell back in love with Garnier – or more specifically this product.

Utilising the current trend for skincare with a touch of make-up, this has just enough tint to visibly even out your skin tone should you wish to go make-up free. It also mattifies the skin, reduces pore size and moisturises, while also having an SPF20 included in its ingredients. Basically, short of actually cleansing your skin for you, it is as close to an all-in-one product as you are likely to get.

I am always very sceptical of claims made by these products but having used it for several days at the time of writing I can honestly say that it does everything it says on the tin. I am hugely impressed with the pore reduction in particular – a claim oft made but rarely honoured. The formulation is incredibly light – perfect for the spells of finer weather we have recently been having, when you can’t bear having anything too heavy on your skin. Though that’s not to say that it isn’t suitable to wear in more inclement weather should you fancy giving your skin a day off from cosmetics.

The first thing you notice upon application is how impressively it minimises imperfections and should you require slightly more coverage this product is so light that it is fine to add a second layer. Although it contains a touch of make-up, skin doesn’t feel “clogged” while wearing it and it gives a wonderful glow to the complexion.

With a recommended retail price of €14.99, this won’t break the bank and it is widely available from pharmacies nationwide. If you’re looking for a natural looking, radiant skin tone without too much fuss then this is definitely the product for you.


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