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Frances Winston discovers the thigh’s the limit when it comes to new cellulite treatment


No matter how much we love our products, us women tend to have a healthy amount of scepticism when it comes to “wonder products” and generally refuse to be swayed by outlandish claims, preferring instead to see tried and tested results. That is of course until it comes to cellulite treatments. Such is the scourge of this orange peel effect skin, which affects 80-90% of women in the thigh and bum area, that if scientists said that slapping a dead fish on there would help reduce it then we would all probably be doing that.

Suffice to say that cellulite is the bane of many people’s beauty existence. Contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with your girth. The skinniest of women can suffer badly from it, while a more robust lady may have none at all. Whether you do or don’t have it can depend on a multitude of factors including genetics and stress levels but when you do have it you want rid of it – simple as!

Obviously manufacturers are savvy to this and not a week goes by without some new treatment or products promising to improve the appearance of cellulite or, even better, banish it entirely. Writing about beauty since 1999 I have seen (and tried) so many of these products, which have worked with varying degrees of success, that at this stage I am quite anesthetised to the flannel – I am only interested in the results.

Despite this I must admit that when the latest addition to the market Fisio Line (RRP €25 from Sam McCauley chemists nationwide) launched on to the Irish market a couple of weeks ago, I actually really, really, really wanted it to work. Very badly! Not because it was the sponsor of TV3’s Dublin Housewives but rather mainly because it utilises a new “crackle” technology which I can honestly say is one of the most exciting innovations to happen in beauty in years. Basically it means that when this mousse-style product is applied to the skin a chemical reaction causes it to have a crackling effect. It’s not unlike the feeling you got when you ate “space dust” as a child and it crackled in your mouth. The feeling is not unpleasant in the least and, if anything, it’s an almost addictive sensation. However, this isn’t just a gimmick. This same technology also means that the active ingredients start working immediately.

To put this in context, studies have shown that most cellulite treatments only start working around 5-7 minutes after application – and that is providing you are still massaging them in at this stage. Unfortunately most of us are pressed for time (or just plain lackadaisical) and spend a mere three minutes on average massaging our treatments into the offending areas – hence we are not getting the maximum benefit. Thanks to the crackle technology, the active ingredients get to work right away and this product is working at maximum capacity within five minutes.

Within seconds of application the area you’ve used it on will feel warm, but again this is not unpleasant and actually rather comforting. Best of all it is absorbed almost instantly so you are good to go within a few minutes of applying it. Although you can use your usual body moisturiser over this, it actually leaves your skin feeling so soft that you may want to skip this area and just concentrate on the rest of your body.

The basic principle behind this is that they took all of the active ingredients that work in other cellulite treatments, utilised the crackle technology to ensure they all worked quickly and put it all into this one super product. It contains green tea, which is renowned for it’s anti-oxidant properties; aloe, which is smoothing and soothing; carnitin, brown algae, theobromine, bromelain, genistein and caffeine, which all simulate metabolism; ivy, birch and asiatic centella for their drainage properties and – a first in cellulite treatment as far as I’m aware – chilli pepper, which reactivates micro circulation.

But you don’t need to know the science – you just need to know does it work. Well, I’m happy to report that not only does it do what it says on the tin but that it does it quickly. You can expect to see results in a couple of weeks, which is unusual given that most products take at least a month before you notice any sort of visible difference at all. I am (thankfully) not afflicted with really bad cellulite but I do have a few patches. I started trying this as soon as I received it and having used it twice a day as instructed I am stunned at the difference in even the tiny areas I was concerned about. My whole thigh and bum area is visibly smoother and the skin there has never felt so soft. Most of all I actually look forward to applying this product – it never feels like a chore as the crackle technology really makes it fun (even though it also has a practical use).

One thing I would advise is not to apply this before you go to bed. This is simply because of the caffeine content. This product penetrates so deeply into your skin that the caffeine may stimulate your metabolism so much that it prevents you sleeping – much like drinking an espresso before hitting the hay. Other than that there are no downsides to this that I have experienced. Perhaps if I had more cellulite it would take slightly longer for me to see an effect (although in tests the average time women noticed results in was 2-3 weeks) but there is no doubt that this works – and works well. It is a long time since I have been this impressed with a beauty product and if it continues to work at this level I will be more than happy.


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