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When it comes to make-up we all know that you’re supposed to highlight your eyes or your lips but not both at the same time. However, over at Estée Lauder they’ve thrown away the rulebook and launched fabulous two-tone mascaras and sumptuous lip glosses that you can wear simultaneously without looking like a circus clown!

Yes you did hear me right there – two-tone mascara; Sumptuous Two-Tone Eye Opening Mascara, to give it its proper name. This eye-opening formulation comes in three shades; Bold Black/Rich Brown, limited edition Bold Black/Rich Blue and limited edition Bold Black/Rich Plum. Retailing at €34 the idea of this dual-ended product is that you use the black shade with its Brushcomber™ brush, which helps define, lift and thicken your top lashes and then you apply the second colour, which comes with a micro-brush, on the lower lashes. The idea is to accentuate and define them with a more subdued smudge-proof hue. This may sound like an odd combination but it really works. The effect is to really open up the eye and they are incredibly subtle (yes even the blue).

I’ve had my fair share of coloured mascara disasters but these are so easy to use and such great formulations that anybody can manage to achieve the effect and instantly have fantastic looking eyes. I can also testify to this product’s staying power; having got caught in a downpour while wearing it and it didn’t budge an inch (which was more than could be said for the rest of my make-up!)

Alongside these amazing mascaras, Lauder have also launched a new line of lip glosses called Pure Color High Gloss, for €19.50. I am pretty particular when it comes to lip glosses and expect a long lasting high shine and these don’t disappoint. It manages to remain shiny without feeling sticky and it even has moisturising properties so your lips don’t dry out. I was amazed at how shiny my lips were when wearing this – it actually looked like they were coated in crystals. Add to this the fact that there is a fantastic array of seven colours and this is a real winner. While there are the standard nude shades, there are also three amazing berry colours, a coral shade and a plum shade that will really make your lips “pop”. While some of the darker shades might look intimidating in the tube if you’re not used to wearing those kind of colours, they are incredibly subtle on the lips and very wearable.

These are two very striking products that you could definitely wear together without looking “overdone”. It is almost impossible to go too heavy handed with these and they both have excellent wearability which will see you through the day. They are also the kind of products you can have a lot of fun with and they are perfect for those rare sunny days as they look incredibly fresh. Even if you usually veer away from coloured mascaras or daring shades of lip gloss you should make these an exception. You won’t be disappointed.


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