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Week four brought with it an extra-terrestrial sitting upon Jessie J’s head, a fashion flop and a fashion triumph from Holly Willoughby. But there was some singing as well and we witnessed Team Jessie and Team Danny going head to head in a battle to the semi-finals!

First up for Team Danny was Max Milner singing KT Tunstell’s “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree”. Kudos for embarking on the risk of the technical guitar playing box thingy! I didn’t find it to be one of his best performances but it was undoubtedly a talented performance nonetheless. I adore Max’s voice but think his song choice probably wasn’t the best. Luckily, mentor Danny recognised a flicker of promise in Max and saved him from elimination.

Not one to win Danny’s vote of the night however was Aleks Josh. Excuse me whilst I smoulder away in the corner! Singing “Better Together”, does Aleks know what he does to us red-blooded females when he opens his musically inclined mouth? Aleks’ version of the song sounded scarily similar to the original, which, in the judge’s minds was a bad thing on the night. Will.i.am was spot-on that Aleks badly needed some variety in his song choices. Most probably the reason why he was sent home.

The sentiment behind David Juliens “She Will Be Loved” was beautiful and it was his best performance to date. The key changes were not the most enjoyable at times and I didn’t think this lone man with his guitar was any match for the rest of the competitors. Let’s hope he got the girl in the end because he found no luck in the competition and was sent home!

Finally, the viewers’ choice of the night, Bo Bruce! The Bambi-eyed extraordinaire chose one of my favourite Rihanna tunes “Love the Way You Lie”. I do expect amazing things from Ms Bruce week upon week… no pressure so! Bo really played out the meaning of the song, but I wouldn’t bother comparing her to Rihanna, the two are much too different. Viewers had their talent caps tightly screwed on and sent through the best singer of the night!

Cassius Henry was first up for Team Jessie and has previously chosen the wrong songs to compliment his smooth, R’n’B vocals. His song choice of Adele’s ‘Turning Tables’ this week was a much better decision! Although his vocals were much better than they have been, there is something about him I just don’t 100% warm to. I find his performances to be very cheesy; I enjoy indulging in a bit of dairy from time to time but Cassius just overloads the viewer with it, turning me momentarily lactose intolerant! Best Cassius moment? I loved the whole Turning Tables performance on a turning table – genius! Not genius enough though as Jessie sent the soul singer packing.

Becky Hill chose such a great tune, The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’. Her vocals really command you to sit-up, shut-up and listen! At times, Becky can be quite an unpredictable performer, putting me on edge, but aside from some vocal perfecting, she shows such massive potential and Jessie was right to choose her for the semi-finals.

Toni Warne closed the show looking jaw-droppingly beautiful! Singing Elton’s ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’, Toni came back fighting and delivered a stunningly beautiful rendition of the song. Another positive; she nearly completely eliminated all of the weird facial expressions she is so accustomed to pulling, bonus! Toni most certainly left the show on a soaring high!

And finally, to the second instant winner of the night, East 17 reject look-alike Vince Kidd! I adore his creativity and perfectionist qualities. Most of all, I adore how he changes a song to make it quite fabulously current; he flexed these talented muscles once again in spectacular Vince Kidd style whilst singing Whitney Heuston’s ‘My Love Is Your Love’. A rightful viewer favourite and a personal one of mine, welcome to the next round Vince!

Join me next week as I dissect the semi-final battle!


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