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The Cube, The Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

When The Artist swept the boards at the Oscars nobody was surprised after audiences around the world had resoundingly decided that silence was indeed golden. However, silence is one thing on film, where you have the benefit of a close up to convey emotion. In theatre it is a far more daunting prospect. When you couple the lack of dialogue with the fact that all of the actors wear masks, Pigeon may indeed sound like a daunting prospect.

However, it is actually a stunningly beautiful piece of physical theatre wonderfully performed to a soundtrack created by Jack Cawley and Steve Wickham from The Waterboys (remember Whole of the Moon?)

It tells the story of Tony who is made redundant from his job after 20 years and finds himself in increasing financial trouble. Unable and unwilling to share his burden with his wife or children he throws himself into DIY around the house and also starts to have a clearout of his belongings, sifting through box after box of memories. But as the bills pile up the pressure begins to get to him as his wife continues to spend, oblivious to his plight. When a repossession order arrives and he goes out of his way to cover it up you have to wonder will he lose his mind as well as his home.

A mere three actors play all of the parts in this while wearing intricate masks to represent each character. Each of them is an amazing physical performer and despite the masks you get a real sense of the emotional angst that they are all suffering. The set is wonderful and lends itself well to the story and the music is marvellous and completely sets the tone for the production.

Having just finished this successful run in The Cube at The Project this play is certain to be back on our stages before long and you’d be mad to miss it as it’s a marvellous portrayal of what so many are going through right now.


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