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This week, our inbox was flooded with press releases regarding leap year, the fact women can propose to men on February 29th and even products required for ‘The Big Proposal’!

A recent survey by PopCap Games of Irish men and women in relationships revealed that 42% of men would say yes if their girlfriend proposed, only 23% of women think their boyfriend would say yes unconditionally, 15% of men would say yes on the condition nobody found out she had proposed, 25% of people think that the “man must propose” tradition is outdated or sexist and 12% of people think sex is a suitable replacement for a ring if a woman proposes!

The right of every woman to propose marriage on February 29th each leap year is an old tradition that goes back hundreds of years to when the leap year day had no recognition in Irish law. It was considered, therefore, that as the day had no legal status, it was reasonable to assume that traditions also had no status. Consequently, women who were concerned about being ‘left on the shelf’ took advantage of this anomaly and proposed to the man they wished to marry.

On the assistance front, if nerves are getting the better of you today, try Rescue Remedy (€7.95 from pharmacies) as your faithful companion to help win over your one true love and keep your worries at bay. The pre-exam nerves settling favourite is made up of five individual Bach flower remedies that will help you cope with the different emotional aspects of asking for someone’s hand in marriage. Rock Rose is used for terror and panic, impatiens addresses irritation and impatience, clematis is for inattentiveness and a lack of focus, Star of Bethlehem is for shock (maybe a few drops for your proposee would be a good idea!) and cherry plum helps with irrational thoughts and a lack of self‐control

Argos even went as far as to launch a ‘men-gagement’ ring!

The ring, which features in Argos’ new spring/summer range, is a simple 9ct white gold band with a single diamond and was selected as the ‘male take’ on the traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring. Mark Steel, Jewellery Trading Manager at Argos, told us: “Leap year only comes around every four years and the last thing loved-up ladies who have plucked up the courage to ask for their man’s hand want to face is the stress of deciding what to actually propose with … that’s why we’re offering the ‘men-gagement’ ring”.

Mark continues; “It’s a very classic design which can be worn on the left hand during the engagement period and can then be switched over to the right hand if the gentleman decides to wear an actual wedding ring following the big day.”

The men-gagement ring is priced at €197.99.  Full details can be found at www.argos.ie

If you do plan on asking your man to marry you today, or indeed sometime this year, we wish you the best of luck and happiness. We love a bit or romance at The Daily Update and we have oodles of respect for any woman who breaks with tradition and goes down on one knee!

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