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Our weekly love-in!

Declan Leavy is loving… Desperate Housewives.

This is a bittersweet love for me. Sweet because I have loved the latest season just as much as the first couple of seasons of the hit comedy drama, and bitter because it is sadly the last season, ever. Not one for viewing shows online, I have been watching the final season on RTE2 and last Tuesday night was the penultimate episode. To say I sobbed like a baby would be an understatement! God knows what I’ll be like next week when the last episode airs. Tom and Lynette will announce their reconciliation, Karen will probably pass away and Susan will leave “The Lane”; I’d better stock up on the Kleenex!

Vicky Kavanagh is loving… Prada’s Flame shoes.

I’ll probably never own a pair of these shoes. I say that with full clarity and a heavy heart. But when Moses’ friend was coveting his ox, he wasn’t really thinking about the fundamentals of how to get said Ox, was he? Well, I understand his plight at the moment. Last week’s little heat-wave has made me want these flamboyant stilettos all the more. They’re not practical in the slightest; all the more reason to admire one’s feet while lazing on one’s sun-lounger.

Michelle Storey is loving… The Anchorman 2 teaser trailer.

Everyone’s favourite maroon suited, moustache wearing news reader is back for what I’m sure is an equally hilarious sequel. The bad news, we have to wait until 2014 until it hits cinemas! Until then, remember to keep classy San Diego!


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