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When one reality show ends, another is just around the corner! Welcome back Celebrity Big Brother, and however Z-list this year’s celebs may be, you’d be surprised that you’d know most of them in there! Ok, so there may not be any Oscar winners or BAFTA nominees involved, but who wants to watch a whole load of award winners any way!  Instead we have: Natalie Cassidy (aka Sonia from Eastenders), Nicola McLean (WAG, glamour model, general loud mouth who likes to put the world to rights through the medium of Twitter. She’s kept her mouth shut so far but I imagine she will be an aggressive/emotional wreck in no time!), Romeo Dunn (of So Solid Crew fame, who looks promising as he seems a gentleman and is easy on the eye too!), Frankie Cacozza (who is oddly uncomfortable around the pretty females in the house!), Andrew Stone (the campest straight man to every pirouette onto our TV screens in hit show Pineapple Dance Studios. You know you’ve a problem with the ladies when you feel the need to keep repeating the line “Oh, I’m not gay”!), Gareth Thomas (loveable retired Welsh rugby star who came out as gay in 2009 to lead the way for other sportsmen to do the same. And he has a six pack; I love him already), our very own Georgia Salpa (a hit with all of the men for obvious reasons, yawn, she’s beautiful, yawn again!), Kirk Norcross (of TOWIE fame. I love how he’s intimidated by Salpa’s beauty though!), Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs actor. Kudos for his successful career but it freaks me out how he keeps heavy breathing over the women in the house… yikes!), Kristina and Karissa Shannon (Playboy bunnies and ex-girlfriends of Hugh Hefner. Two of the quieter contestants so far but maybe that’s because they’re struggling with the English accents!), and finally, Denise Welch (Loose Woman and loose-lipped by nature, could have some interesting secrets to spill!) Let the madness begin!

Say it isn’t so! The One Direction boys were involved in a car crash whilst leaving their gig in Birmingham last week. The crash resulted in three of the members being treated for severe headaches and spinal pains. A source said; “It was pretty terrifying for everyone concerned. All five boys, plus two members of the crew, were in their tour bus when a car rammed into the back of it. Thankfully, it withstood most of the impact but obviously, travelling at speed, the boys couldn’t avoid whiplash.” Despite their injuries, the band continued on to perform their gig in Plymouth. Teenage girls across England and Ireland are holding candle-lit vigils as we speak!

Well, you know, I could think of more talented bands than The Wanted (although not as attractive!) but that fact seems irrelevant as the fivesome are on their way to breaking the lucrative American market! Lead singer Max George confirmed on his Twitter page that the boy band would be performing on the Ellen Show in the states. He tweeted; “It’s official peeps, The Wanted are coming to the US in 2 days to perform on @TheEllenShow Monday, airing Tuesday!! Everyone come see us!!” The band will spend the majority of January and February in the US, performing gigs across the country. They’re becoming so popular over there, even Justin Bieber’s manager has been tweeting about them! When the Biebster’s people are tweeting about you, you know you’ve hit the big time!

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