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Mother of the Divine…will they ever just leave the poor girl alone! I was all for disliking Cher Lloyd and her cocky ways but it got slightly uncomfortable when the young singer revealed the continuous abuse she faces on Twitter. This however is far, far worse! Whilst performing at the V Festival in Essex, someone decided to throw a bottle of urine at the Swagger Jagger singer. Clearly upset, the 19-year-old left the stage to compose herself (and no doubt, ensure no pee-pee had escaped from the bottle onto her person!) and bravely returned to finish her set. She then told the audience; “It’s hard enough being up here, but it’s not nice having bottles of p**s chucked at you.” Indeed Cher, urine is a no-no in my book. When revellers continued to throw bottles at the star (minus the pee this time) her slot was cut short and she left the stage. Kudos for returning to the stage Cher but next time you might want to think about incorporating some body armour into your wardrobe!

So Kendall Jenner’s beautiful, tan, tall, thin and has oodles of noodles in the bank, so if you’re emerald with the jealousy you probably wouldn’t like to know she can also add accomplished actress to her teeny tiny D&G belt. Kendall tweeted her next business venture, saying; “I am SO excited to reveal to you all that I am going to be making my acting debut on Hawaii Five-O!! My episode will air in October this year and I can’t wait to get started on filming. This is such an incredible opportunity for me and I’m excited for this new experience!!!” When does this 16-year-old ever find the time to go to school! Of course, who needs an education when you’re one half Kardashian!

Lord Alan Sugar may come across as a cross old rich man on BBC’s The Apprentice, but I really just can’t get past that teddy bear face of his…until he opens his mouth that is! The latest star (he’s taken a break from giving Piers Morgan a tongue lashing) to be on the receiving end of his severe tone is none other than X Factor’s Tulisa, whom he’s commented on recently, saying; “Can you tell me who the hell this Tulisa bird is on X Factor, she’s in the celeb section of The Sun and Mirror every day. What has she done? This Tulisa talks nonsense on X Factor, what qualifications does she have to judge singing talent. Please advise where I am missing the point.” Not one to mess with (she will take a court injunction out on you and flip you the bird at some festival or other), Tulisa replied, tweeting; “@lord_sugar as someone that came from nothing to something maybe u should have a little more respect for people that have done the same. I have grafted from the age of 11 with my band NDUBZ, we wrote & produced all our music, sold 3 platinum albums, 3 sell out tours the last being an arena tour & a number 1 debut solo single! I have worked my bloody ass off! So mr lord of judgement… stick to judging on the Apprentice & I’ll stick to what I know MUSIC #itsaNOfromme.” Ohhhh burn! Lord Sugar retaliated; “@officialtulisa What do you know? That is the point. Don’t insult me by comparing my humble beginnings with yours.” Ah pipe down you old fogey, just because she doesn’t point her finger at scared apprentice individuals for a living doesn’t mean she’s not worthy of a position on the panel!


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