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Devastating events took place on Sunday morning as Gary Barlow’s wife Dawn sadly gave birth to a stillborn girl, who the couple named Poppy. A statement was released on behalf of the couple on Monday, which read; “Dawn and I are devastated to announce that we’ve lost our baby, Poppy Barlow was delivered stillborn on August 4 in London. Our focus now is giving her a beautiful funeral and loving our three children with all our hearts. We’d ask at this painful time that our privacy be respected.” Since the heart-breaking news, messages of support from fans and celebrities have flooded in, including  messages from fellow X Factor judge Tulisa and Take That bandmate Robbie Williams. The couple already have three children: Daniel 11, Emily 9 and Daisy 3.

Speaking for myself here, I’ve always had a niggling feeling over the years that pop star Mika had a soft spot for the other side…men that is! And now, years after hit tune Grace Kelly, and chopping off that unmistakeable mop, Mika’s back with a new album and (not so surprisingly…publicity queen much?!) the announcement that he is in fact gay! Speaking to a publication, Mika admitted; “’If you ask me am I gay, I say yeah. Are these songs about my relationship with a man? I say yeah. And it’s only through my music that I’ve found the strength to come to terms with my sexuality beyond the context of just my lyrics. This is my real life.” And this I supposed to come as a shock to us how?

Never one to shy away from an argument, real life Peggy Mitchelle, Sharon Osbourne is sticking up for her family once again! Following son Jack’s diagnosis for MS, he was subsequently sacked by NBC from new show Stars Earn Stripes, claiming ‘the rigours of the show were too intense for him’. Hitting back, Sharon quit her role as judge on America’s Got Talent (owned by the same network) and Jack is urging viewers to boycott NBC, saying; “I took part in a 16 hour challenge over 30 miles with a 40lbs rucksack on my back in January. I had MS then. Don’t tell me what physically demanding is. NBC said they didn’t fire me over my diagnosis? Bull-F******-S***. Boycott NBC.” Chairman of the show has hit back saying celebrities must undergo a fitness assessment before they participate and has refuted Jack’s claims, saying; “Stars Earn Stripes requires dangerous water stunts, strenuous physical activity, and uses live ammunition, Although we did not ask Jack to participate in the competition, we were able to offer him two substantial alternative roles on the show, both of which he declined. This network does not discriminate on any basis.” Hmm, sounds like discrimination to me alright but it’s ok Jack, Mammy’s got your back!


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