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Wow! UK Olympic 2012 organisers (Danny Boyle, we salute you!) really do know how to put on a spectacular show. Millions of people witnessed the opening ceremony in London on their television screens on Friday night and what better way to catch our attention than Mr Golden Balls himself carrying the Olympic torch along the Thames, via speedboat. Granted, he wasn’t actually driving the boat (we’ve found a weakness in the man at last!) but it still looked pretty cool though! Another highlight of the night was the musical performance by Sir Paul McCartney, rousing the crowd for a sing-a-long of Hey Jude. But undoubtedly the most bizarre, fantastic moment of the night had to be the Queen’s entrance to the stadium, played by a man named Gary! In pre-recorded footage, it depicts the ‘Queen’ (aka, stunt double Gary Connery in a dress and wig!) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) exiting a helicopter via parachute, arriving into the stadium. A Buckingham Palace spokesman revealed the Queen herself was ‘very happy’ to take part in ‘something so exceptional.’ Pip pip, back to working on that royal wave now!

Tut, tut, those Hiltons have all the comfort of living in a plush hotel free of charge and yet they choose prison as their B&B of choice! Conrad Hilton, brother of Paris, has been placed in a Juvenile hall in Los Angeles after testing positive for marijuana. The 18-year-old has previously been reprimanded for marijuana possession. What happened to getting high on life guys! Expect the embarrassment of the incident to be taken out of your trust fund Conrad… you now only have a couple billion to your name, and let that be a lesson to you!

The little one of Take That, Mark Owen has become a father for the third time as he and wife Emma have welcomed a baby girl, Fox India. Fox (still doesn’t sound remotely normal, no matter how many times I say it!) was born on Tuesday night, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 1oz. And just in case the tabloids hadn’t got hold of the story yet, Take That’s official Twitter page released a mini statement, saying; “Mark, Emma, Elwood and Willow are delighted to announce the arrival to the clan of their beautiful new baby girl Fox India Owen… She was born yesterday at 7.45am weighing 7lb 1oz. They would like to thank all their friends and family for all the wonderful messages xxx.”


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