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A reason to smile on this gloomy summer’s day as Lily Allen has confirmed, via the glorious medium of Twitter, that she is back in the studio recording music! At first, she tweeted her appreciation of a Kate Nash song to which Popjustice editor, Peter Robinson replied; “It’s better than no music at all isn’t it. ISN’T IT LILY.” In her own unique way, Lily answered with; “You will be pleased to know that i am currently in the f**king studio with @GregKurstin so SHUT UP PETER ! No big deal really, im just throwing s**t at the wall and seeing if anything sticks.” Stick God damn it, STICK! I’m slightly excited by this news as I lover Lily’s unique brand of easy-going/funny/slightly offensive music with a British twang!

A new autobiography about Adele (because everyone seems to have an opinion on her life) is due to hit shelves next month and in it, the author discusses her apparent struggle with alcohol abuse at the beginning of her career. It claims she turned to alcohol after a boy cheated on her and also when she was seeking the love of her father, who left when she was three. The book also features an interview with Adele herself, who seems to back these claims by saying; “I got so drunk by the time I went on at 2am I had forgotten the words to my own songs. It was the worst thing ever.” We’ve all been there Adele; getting slightly locked.com following a rough day at work/argument with your better half… difference being, we don’t write a beautiful song and make millions out of it!

We all know by now that Simon Cowell is no stranger to the odd nip and tuck to prolong his ‘youthful’ complexion. From extra lights being added to his BGT desk and that smile that would knock you for six, it seems he may have received a more invasive procedure that just a couple of routine jabs. Cowell was seen schmoozing around Beverley Hills, as you do, and was spotted with a very suspicious looking plaster tucked neatly behind his ear. A source was quick to amend any untoward thoughts by claiming the mogul had merely cut himself shaving. But who shaves behind their ears I ask you? Facelift all the way and you just can’t hide it Simon!


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