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Never one to take his eye off the ball, Simon Cowell has signed singing act Loveable Rogues from this year’s Britain’s Got Talent to his record label. “Syco have high hopes. They’re the full package,” an insider said. “They’ve got the look, the sound and were writing quality music before they’d even hit the studio. With One Direction and The Wanted doing so well, there is more than enough appetite in the market for male groups making good pop music.” Hmmmmm, another One Direction, I’m not sure pre-pubescent girls could handle that! The three-piece are said to be in the studio already penning their first album, those eager beavers!

The show was hyped up to be all about the voice, finding the best talent in Britain, but it seems all that blagging may have backfired for The Voice UK! Winner Leanne Mitchell who, let’s be honest, was lacking in the personality department, has found herself in quite an embarrassing situation as her debut single has reached a dismal 45 in the download charts and has, thus far, sold a dire 7,000 copies. In the wake of this not so shocking news, Leanne has defended her chart position saying; “It’s been a week and it hasn’t had a chance to do anything yet.” You need more than a week you say? Was it not recently that Cheryl Cole’s new single reached number one in the download charts, hours after its release? Worse still, The Voice tour seems to be a concern and organisers are said to be worried they will be unable to fill the 12 UK arenas. Yes Voice UK bigwigs, I would be worried! Start giving away those tickets because at £40 a pop, and with the winner’s single fading in to the background, people won’t be purchasing!

Many may look at the Kardashians’ disgustingly lavish lifestyle and assume they have it all but it seems money cannot buy you everything. The best of the bunch, sister Khloe, has reportedly started fertility treatment in a desperate bid to become pregnant with husband of two years, Lamar Odem. The 27-year-old was spotted entering a fertility clinic in Beverly Hills on Monday with sister Kim to get her hormone levels checked and to begin the necessary process. Khloe has made no secret of the fact she wishes to conceive and when sister Kourtney announced her second pregnancy, a source revealed; “She’s thrilled for Kourtney, but she’s really sensitive. And it’s hard to see your sister get something you want so badly.” I’ve never wanted to see a person have a baby more! All fingers are crossed for the couple!

So I’m sure Cheryl Cole fans were screaming with delight when the singer announced her first solo tour dates earlier this week; now imagine them seizing up completely with the overwhelming thoughts of a meet a greet with the Geordie! Not all fans however. Prices for these golden meet and greet tickets have been priced at £350 and for goodness sake, the girl mimes so bloody much she’ll probably have a representative to do all the talking for her! Irate fans took to Twitter to cause a whole load of fuss, with one tweeting; “£350 for a M&G with Cheryl Cole! After the jubilee disaster I wouldn’t pay £3.50! No 1 is that special u should have 2 pay 2 meet them #Please.” Whilst another said; “£350 for a meet & greet package at Cheryl Cole’s tour? Who would pay such a silly amount? I won’t pay £10 to meet Santa let alone 350 for her.” Most likely in an attempt to justify this ridiculous amount, a spokesperson for Cheryl has claimed that “All profits from the meet and greets go to the Cheryl Cole Foundation.” Cheryl Cole foundation = Cheryl Cole’s pocket. Here’s an idea, get a picture of yourself and one of Cheryl and get busy with Photoshop… problem solved!


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