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LOHAN DRAMA ALERT! Just when actress Lindsay was getting her life back on track, what with her new movie depicting Elizabeth Taylor and all, life got in the way and she was involved in what sounds like a very serious car crash. Whilst recently driving around in her black Porsche, Li-Lo’s car collided with an 18-seater vehicle, totalling her own car. In typical dramatic fashion, Lindsay was rushed to an LA hospital where she was said to be suffering from some bleeding and bruising but has since been released. All in a day’s work for the star! On to the next dramatic storyline!

It’s taken years of floppy haircuts, fat jibes, northern drawl and a stint on the X Factor but finally, Take That’s Gary Barlow has been awarded an OBE! Not surprising really as he sweated his little brow off organising the Queen’s Jubilee Concert recently and even wrote a song dedicated to her (as if the country’s national anthem wasn’t enough!). It couldn’t have happened to a nicer, if not maybe a little dull, man!

Just imagine life with Madonna as your mother: kids want to be your friend at school, you get to eat every meal with a silver spoon and people genuinely fear you. Now imagine the embarrassment as your 53-year-old ma exposes a booby onstage at her concert in Istanbul… just for the craic you know. I mean, the children probably didn’t even see the boob as babies, she most likely had servants to breastfeed the little ones for goodness sake! Anyway, this day, please spare a thought to those poor children of Madonna and her incessant need to remain ‘current’.


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