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A thoroughly bad week has been had by Jessie J. The “Do It Like A Dude” singer announced on Twitter that she would be unable to join Katy Perry on her European tour. Jessie told her fans “Having a cry about having to pull out of the Katy Perry tour. My foot is just not healing as well as I hoped”. Don’t fear yet Katy! Ellie Goulding has graciously stepped in to fill Jessie’s musical shoes but, I really can’t blame Jessie for being so upset, I’d be sobbing aswell if I knew I couldn’t spend every night chilling with Katy Perry…… oh wait!






To this next story, I apologise as it is yet another update about the US X Factor, but let’s be honest, it gets juicier by the minute! The first episode of the much anticipated reality show aired to 12million viewers, good but not as good as it’s rival American Idol (ouch Simon that has got to hurt!). Not to mention the awkward moment when Cheryl appears for five minutes at the beginning; only to be replaced by Nicole Scherzinger without any explanation! The real twist to this story though is that US critics actually preferred sacked judge Cheryl to “downgrade” Nicole (another appropriate ouch to be added here!); with Cole being named the better judge, will audiences opinions change within the next few weeks or will Simon have to eat his words! Watch this space!





Dappy, from band N-Dubz, is laughing all the way to the bank today as he has announced that he will be launching his own clothing line. Celebrating the news on Twitter (the one stop shop for celeb news these days it seems!); Dappy said, “Everyone Look Out for My New GIMI Clothing Coming Soon..You Heard it Here 1st!! NaNa x”. So what are we to expect….. hats, lots and lots of hats, and silly ones at that!








Some news now to get all the ladies (and a select few lads) pulses racing! Taylor Lautner, aka Twilight star, aka hot to trot is now officially single! The part-time werewolf had been dating Abduction co-star Lily Collins since they met on set. Although the two never confirmed that they were together, a close friend has said that it was Taylor who initiated the split. Devastating news for Lily no doubt but it just shows that there’s hope for me yet!







What is it with the men of the military! Mila Kunis got asked out on a date by one and Cheryl Cole seems to be next! The Girls Aloud star travelled to Afghanistan to visit the English soldiers who are there serving and it seems that one in particular caught the Geordies eye! Andy Baker took the plunge, fought for his love (geddit!) and exchanged numbers with Cheryl. Referring to him as her “gorgeous soldier”, Cheryl has said that she will call him when she gets back to the UK. Is it weird that I’m really excited about this! And let’s be honest, anyone has to be better than Ashley!









It seems that Geri Halliwell has reunited with her ex-boyfriend Henry Beckwith. Yawn! The feisty pair who were snapped arguing on the beach at one point towards the end of their relationship were seen recently travelling on a boat together (does Geri do anything BUT relax these days!); I can’t help but think the couple are setting themselves up for a fail once again!








Whenever a younger woman gets together with an older man in Hollywood, we all seem to shake our heads and label the girl a golddigger. But the Hoff’s 32 year old girlfriend Hayley Roberts seems to be a different kettle of fish altogether! On the Hoff’s Twitter page this week, he posted not one, not two, but three pictures of himself proposing to his Welsh girlfriend….. and she has declined each and every time! David’s management have not yet confirmed if the Baywatch star was third time lucky but one things for sure, Hayley is definitely a feisty one!

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