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I highly doubt a bit of the old Grease Lightning will get John Travolta out of this pickle! A fifth masseur has come forward, claiming Travolta sexually assaulted him during an in-room massage two years ago. A source revealed; “Travolta indicated that he wanted much MORE than a massage”. He also claims that there was alcohol present in the room and that Travolta encouraged the man to drink with him during the time of the massage. A more disturbing claim came to light this week when the fiancée of Travolta’s co-star, who played Kenickie in the 1978 Grease movie, claimed Travolta performed oral sex on the actor whilst he slept and was apparently so upset by this incident he ended his friendship with the star. I’d like to see you disco dance your way out of this one Travolta!

In a turn of events which would have really shocked viewers, Dannii Minogue has turned down a chance to return to the X Factor panel, claiming the £1million pay check was not enough! According to X Factor execs, the Aussie babe was demanding a ridiculous £5million to return (although this was probably compensation she felt she deserved following those gag inducing Simon Cowell sex affair claims!). An insider revealed; “We really wanted Dannii but it has been a slow and drawn-out process and we don’t have any time to lose, we need to find someone as soon as possible and so we decided Dannii had enough time and was offered enough money so we walked away from the deal.” Make up your minds guys, auditions begin next week! Cutting it cool and fine as always Cowell!

Relations between Jessie J and members of The Voice UK staff are said to be ‘severely strained.’ Stylist for the show, Faye Sawyer is said to be clashing with the mentor over styling issues for Jessie’s contestants. A show insider disclosed; “Jessie has clashed with Faye over virtually all the styling choices for her contestants. She is convinced she knows better than the professionals and won’t listen to expert advice. At times, it’s made it almost impossible for Faye to do her job. She’s very experienced and respected, and put up with The X Factor judges’ whims, but she is struggling with this pressure.” Back off Jessie, not everyone’s happy to live in jump suits!


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