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It’s hard to believe uber-couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are married four years already! And by God do they want everyone to know about it! In true diva style, the pair have renewed their vows for the fourth time in Paris; press invited of course! Because nothing says romance like a few hundred photographers trampling in on your intimate moment. How very Mariah!

Alexandra Burke really should have had her wits about her before getting in to a serious relationship with footballer Jermain Defoe. Reports have surfaced that the Spurs player cheated on the X Factor winner with a 23-year-old model from Newcastle. Just days before the scandal hit, Jermain discussed his positive relationship with Alexandra on show A League of their Own, saying the it was going well and joking he was receiving vocal lessons from her. The scarlet woman in question, Laura Brown has come forward to confirm the cheating claims. She told The Sun; “I’m not going to lie – we did have sex. I never planned on sleeping with him, it just happened. You can see girls in Newcastle clubs week after week with different footballers and I think, ‘You are so stupid’. Now I’m the stupid one.” For taking another woman’s man? Yes, yes you are! Defoe’s team have declined to comment on the matter but unfortunately for Alexandra, the revelations may prove to be true. Defoe has dated celebrities before, including Danielle Lloyd and Chantelle Haughton, who both left the footballer because of his consistent cheating ways. Ladies… STOP DATING FOOTBALLERS!

Ah sure didn’t we see this headline coming a mile off… Katie Price and Leandro Penna are engaged. A spokesperson for the glamour model confirmed the news, saying; “I can confirm they are engaged.” Nothing like short, sweet and to the point! Katie on the other hand, elaborated slightly more on her Twitter page, tweeting; “Thank you for all your nice tweets! I’m gonna enjoy the sunshine where I’ve just landed x”. Wow, lucky Leandro, I’m sure Katie’s not a nightmare to live with at all! *cough, cough!


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