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In theory, Soap & Glory’s Cheekmate sounds just lush. The product is made with vitamin C, kiwi and raspberry, so with all of this goodness packed in, I can justify the purchase; hoorah!

Described as a rosy rub-on cheek and lip stain, the packaging advises you to use just a smidge at a time. And believe me, they mean just a smidge! If you take just one piece of sane advice from this review; they mean JUST A SMIDGE!

Even as I followed the instructions myself (the whole smidge bit if I haven’t mentioned it enough already!) and applied the product in a circular motion on the apple of my cheeks, within seconds I was mistaking my own reflection for an oversized strawberry!

Used, ahem, correctly, Cheekmate really does deliver on its promise of rosy cheeks, and best of all, you can use it on your lips too – if your colour of choice is plum! But be warned, when the product says stained, it means stained! It took a bit of soap and a lot of scrubbing to remove the product from my fingertips.

It’s yours for a rather affordable €11 and lasts for an age!

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