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SHOWBIZ BUZZ: Security Stepped Up After Beyoncé Stalker Threat

Superstar Beyonce goes through some sexy costume changes as she returns to the stage on the first night of her 'Mrs Carter World Tour' at Kombank Arena in Belgade, Serbia

Security for the British leg of Beyoncé’s World tour has been increased after a terrifying stalker threat. The stalker, known as fan Bassey Essien, has reportedly been sending threatening letters to the hit-maker, labelling her an 'imposter.' A source told The Sun newspaper: "Staff have been briefed on the situation and pictures of him have been passed round. They've been told to keep their … [Read more...]


Simon Cowell

Watching himself on television during an interview with Jonathon Ross sounds pretty funny and definitely something that Simon Cowell would do, but this vain activity soon came to a deafening halt as Cowell entered his bathroom, only to find a crazed woman holding a brick in her blood-soaked hands high above her head! Sounds like something out of a horror movie doesn’t it! Leanne Zaloumis managed … [Read more...]



I would actually hate to be Now magazine right now! Cheryl Cole has begun legal proceedings against the publication for their publishing of the MC Harvey interview in which the ex-So Solid Crew member alleged that the two had indulged in a relationship, something Cheryl strenuously denies. Her rep has released the following statement; “Cheryl Cole has today commenced legal proceedings in London … [Read more...]


Karl Lagerfeld

Well, that Karl Lagerfeld bloke is one brave man to pick a fight with Adele! During a recent interview with the Metro, Karl was asked his views on singer Lana Del Rey, to which he replied; “I prefer Adele and Florence Welch. But as a modern singer she is not bad. The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has beautiful face and divine voice.” Is that a kind of backwards … [Read more...]