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AT THE MOVIES: Turbo – Review

Turbo poster

Directed by: David Soren Starring the voices of: Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Michael Peña, Snoop Dogg, Maya Rudolph, Michelle Rodriguez, Samuel L Jackson, Bill Hader Previews this weekend. The premise of this sounds so crazy that it just might work. A garden snail named Theo/Turbo (Reynolds) dreams of being a champion racer just like  his hero, five time Indianapolis 500 champ, Guy … [Read more...]


Snoop Dogg in 2012

P Diddy has always been a bit of a silly billy when it comes to changing his name as often as I change my underwear. After years of dabbling with Puff Daddy, Diddy and even resorting back to his original, Sean Combs, it seems he’s finally found peace in P Diddy. Unfortunately for some artists, they’re just plain deluded on the name front! Snoop Dogg, who’s been around for hundreds of years … [Read more...]