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WINTER SKIN: Top Tips and Products for Caring for Your Skin

Winter skincare

It can’t have escaped your notice that winter is well and truly upon us and the weather is slowly but surely getting colder and a bit more miserable. The central heating is on full blast and if you haven’t found yourself caught in one of the numerous recent rain showers then consider yourself lucky. While this shift in the elements is an annual occurrence, few of us adapt our skincare … [Read more...]

BEAUTY SOS: Autumn Skincare Survival Tips


As we move through the seasons, it’s important to adapt your skincare regime accordingly, as the climate dramatically affects the state of the skin. As you begin to have to wear thicker clothing and deal with colder weather, the skin can become more temperamental, generally dehydrated and more sensitive. Here are our top tips to help keep your face and body looking super radiant as we move … [Read more...]

TRUE OR FALSE: Beauty Myths Exposed

Beauty Myths

Today we’re separating beauty fact from skincare fiction. Ditch the cellulite cream, stop worrying about chocolate causing spots, and forget about those painful nose strips. Read on for a list of beauty myths debunked. You only need sunscreen when it’s sunny False. UVA rays (the ones that cause wrinkles – ‘A’ for ageing), are equally strong all year round and unlike UVB (the ones … [Read more...]

BEAUTY BY NUMBERS: The Number by Number Guide to All Things Beauty

Beauty by Numbers

How does your beauty know how add up? Check out our number by number guide to all things beauty related. 1 – HOUR: The amount of time it takes to eliminate one standard drink from your body. Alcohol is not a friend of your beauty regime and will affect your appearance in a completely negative way and obviously the more you drink the longer it takes to get it out of your system. Carrie and Co … [Read more...]

BEAUTY TIPS: Spring Clean Your Skin

Spring Clean your skin

Despite the freezing temperatures, spring is here so it’s the perfect time to do a little beauty spring cleaning. The following are our top tips for cleaning your skin for the new season. Exfoliate You’ve been packing on heavy creams to bring moisture to you face all winter long, but it’s time to get the excess out of your pores. Sonic cleaning systems are an excellent way to exfoliate … [Read more...]

BEAUTY ADVICE: Natural Ways to Control PMS Breakouts

PMS Breakouts

Most women have experienced it, but few talk about it. The burning question is can you control PMS breakouts? Stress Factor PMS acne will absolutely be worse the more stressed out you are. So your first order of business is to make sure you're controlling stress levels consistently throughout the month. This means meditate, get a massage, take a walk around the block when you're feeling … [Read more...]


Glowing skin

In the bright lights and on the big screen, celebrities often look like the picture of health and beauty. While we know that's not always true, we all covet glowing, healthy looking skin; but what does that really mean? According to the experts, in order to understand the Hollywood glow, you have to look at the composition of skin, which is actually quite simple. The largest organ in your body … [Read more...]


Eat Your Water

How many times have we been told to drink at least eight glasses of water each and every day to maintain an optimal level of hydration and good skin health? Skincare specialist Dr. Howard Murad of the Murad beauty brand believes that there is actually little scientific evidence for this advice and that for most people, more water just means more trips to the bathroom and the flushing of vital … [Read more...]



Frances Winston’s guide to the major stages of skin ageing   One of the sad but true facts of life is that as we get older our skin changes. As the years progress we develop a loss of elasticity of the skin and wrinkles and fine lines begin to show on the surface. Finding a beauty routine that works for you can make a huge difference to how your skin ages and how you look. … [Read more...]