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THE DAILY UPDATE’S BIRTHDAY: Win a Remington Wet Shaver Worth €100

Remington WETECH Waterproof shaver

One for the boys today! Shower, shave and go with the new Remington WETech Shaver, delivering a superior trim with steel blades and an improved flexing head to closely follow the contours of the face, plus longer lasting lithium battery power and cordless action. 100% waterproof for a quicker, cleaner shave, the Remington WETech Shaver, which can be used with both shaving gel or foam, not only … [Read more...]

PRODUCT FOCUS: Gillette Venus and Olay Razor – Review

Gillette Venus and Olay

A recent survey revealed that shaving our legs is most women’s lease favourite beauty chore. It’s not hard to see why. Shaving is a harsh procedure that drags the skin and can be very drying. And who hasn’t suffered those annoying little nicks that look tiny but bleed for what seems like forever! Like everything, your choice of tool can affect your experience and, handy as they may be, … [Read more...]



Eureka! After years of searching I've finally found a product that prevents shaving rash and spots. To give you a little history on my search, I have tried countless post-shave treatments from many of the leading brands and none ever worked in preventing shaving rash. Because of this, I actually stopped shaving for nearly two years and instead opted to keep my facial hair trimmed with an … [Read more...]