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NEW BEAUTY APP: WhatSalon Launches in Ireland

WhatSalon app 1

I recently tried to make a hair appointment only to be told that my usual salon couldn’t fit me in as now that the children were back in school all the mums were in having their highlights done. While this was undoubtedly very nice for the mums it didn’t solve my own highlights dilemma and left me scrambling to try and find a salon that could accommodate me as I had an event in a couple of … [Read more...]

THE SMARTPHONE REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505

Samsung Galaxy S4 2

I’ve pretty much used an iPhone since they came out but unfortunately had mine stolen a while back. Since then I have been forced to use a pretty basic smartphone that allows me to check my emails and Facebook but not much else as it has very little internal storage. Therefore there was something of a panic when I agreed to do a live Twitter and Facebook feed from last weekend’s People of the … [Read more...]


Russell Brand

Russell Brand update! I recently brought you the news that comedian Brand had snatched a pap’s iPhone during what could only be a moment of pure madness and proceeded to smash it into a law firm’s window (nice touch!). Since then, he has been arrested on two counts of criminal damage, but paid the mere pocket change sum of $5,000 bail money. Unfortunately it seems this story has a sting in the … [Read more...]


Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s recent divorce from singer Katy Perry seems to have turned him a wee bit loopy! A source at the New Orleans Police Force has revealed to the media that they have issued a misdemeanour warrant for the comedian’s arrest! This follows an incident between Russell and the loveable paparazzi. Apparently, Russell snatched a paparazzo’s mobile phone whilst he was taking pictures of … [Read more...]



The experts at Hession Hairdressing have been hot to trot over the past few weeks as they launched Ireland’s first hairdressers app for iPhone and Android. So given that we both have plenty to celebrate (The Daily Update turned six months old this week!), we are giving away not one but THREE vouchers for a private consultation with one of their award-winning stylists, followed by a complete hair … [Read more...]