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As I leave my mid-twenties behind and slowly approach the 30 mark I already notice some signs of degradation; my once youthful skin is not as youthful. A line here, a line there, I like to frown in my sleep, attractive or wha?! Moving on from the old line issues my skin is dull and I definitely look like I have more than my fair share of late nights. Being fairly far away from "my best before … [Read more...]


Perfectil plus Skin

With Christmas only a mere 7 weeks away, now is the time to start thinking about any beauty regiemes you may want to undertake to ensure you are looking your most glamerous come party season. Creams and lotions can only do so much, and it has always been of my opinion that it is best to work from the inside out; you are what you eat and all of that, for that reason, for the next 7 weeks I will be … [Read more...]