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SHOWBIZ BUZZ: Helen Mirren Arrives at As One in the Park Dressed Head-to-Toe in Pink

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren just flew off the radar in terms of brownie points, as the kind-hearted actress has apologised to the samba band in which she screamed at three weeks ago for interrupting her play, The Audience. The Dame apparently ranted at the band in full costume, saying: “You’re f***ing up our performance”, after the drums seemed to interrupt the play. What a pleasant turn of events … [Read more...]


Cooney's Tuneys iPod Essentials#

The iPod Essentials There comes a time in everyone’s month when they complain about the lack of good music on their iPod thingy. I know, I have this problem a lot, and you would think that being a music writer and dancer I would have oceans of great music to choose from; well you would be kind of right, but also somewhat wrong. Although the Internet is possibly the best communication tool … [Read more...]


Music image

Band in a blender What happens when you put a band in a blender? Your first question would obviously be, where the hell would you find a blender big enough to fit five people? Your second question has to be, what have they done to you that you want to turn them into a horrible bloody mush? But obviously I’m speaking metaphorically. Over the years, many bands have tried to blend every … [Read more...]