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I have been a big fan of primers ever since a make-up artist for a well known cosmetics company turned me on to them over a decade ago. I love how a really good primer can balance out your skin tone without the need for foundation, but that it will equally act as a solid base for your make-up, ensuring even and smooth coverage and more than double the staying power of most foundations.

For all these reasons I was looking forward to trying this latest product from beauty giants Benefit. Claiming to make your concealers and eyeshadows stay put while containing vitamin C&E to help fight signs of ageing, this comes in the usual sort of cute packaging we’ve come to expect from Benefit.

The idea is that you apply it around the entire eye area and on to the lid, leave it to set and then apply your make-up as usual. Therein is the problem. Although this is targeting the eye area it’s not really doing anything that a standard primer doesn’t do; pretty much every product out there now offers additional anti-ageing benefits. While I will admit that it does indeed help your products stay in place so does every other primer I’ve ever tried and they can be used all over the face. Its claim that your concealer will no longer crease seems futile as a straw poll of my girlfriends revealed that we all actually use under-eye highlighters rather than concealer and they don’t actually crease at all.

This is a nice product that does what it says on the tin but in these austere times I expect more bang for my buck and I just can’t justify buying two separate primers for my face and eye area when they both do the same job. If however you don’t use primer as a rule and get frustrated by the staying power of your eye products then this will be a worthwhile investment for you.


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