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I have always believed that your hair is your crowning glory and a bad hair day can completely ruin your mood, so therefore I am diligent about conditioning my hair and treating it with TLC.

However, a recent production I appeared in required that my mane be backcombed and heavily hair sprayed every single night and by the end of it I despaired of ever restoring my hair to its usual lustre. Then I was asked to try Aveda’s Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner, and working on the principle that if nothing else it couldn’t do my hair any additional damage, I agreed – and I’m glad I did.

Aveda products are all flower and plant based so you know that they’re going to be gentle but sometimes gentle just doesn’t cut the mustard. Thankfully in this case it does. This conditioner contains plant-based emollients which penetrate hair and moisturise and help repair dry tresses. With extracts of quinoa, which is one of the most complete plant proteins available, it promises to strengthen your hair and leave it silky soft and ultra shiny and boy does it deliver.

Despite the week of abuse my hair had suffered this managed to sort it out and left it back to its usual untangled shiny self. If it delivers results like this on hair that has been systematically abused, I can only imagine what it will do for people who haven’t had their tresses tortured for a week. The fact that it smells divine is just an added bonus. Highly recommended.


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