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Call off the search; Frances Winston has found the perfect sports bra!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you can’t have failed to notice that there are one or two sporting events happening this year. Hot on the heels of Euro 2012, we had one of the most exciting Wimbledons in years and now the world has gone Olympics crazy.

It’s no coincidence that events like these influence people to get off their backsides and take up a sporting activity – which can only be a good thing. Unfortunately many people just throw themselves into it without preparing for it properly and then, disillusioned, drop it just as quickly. Preparation includes everything from starting at the right level for you, to having the right clothing.

It might sound obvious but I’ve lost count of the amount of people I’ve seen running in plimsolls, which is incredibly bad for your feet and joints. I have also seen people in a dance class in stretchy jeans. Ridiculous but completely true and to say their movement was restricted is an understatement!

Suffice to say that in our enthusiasm to emulate this summer’s sporting heroes, we often forget about the minor details. When it comes to us women, what we quite often neglect is the sports bra – in fact studies show that 44% of women don’t wear a sports bra when working out. I have many friends who have spent a fortune on the latest trendy gear for the gym and teamed it with their regular brassiere but this can be a huge mistake.

During even the gentlest of exercise your breast can bounce quite significantly, which can ultimately lead to sagging. This is because there are no muscles in the breasts. They are actually supported by ligaments. Moving excessively strains these ligaments and causes irreversible damage which cannot be repaired naturally so you would have to go down the surgery route should you wish to fix this.

In a nutshell when it comes to your boobs, prevention is better than cure. Despite this I have found it difficult over the years to find a sports bra that worked for me. Being quite buxom I need a lot of support when exercising and I found that many of the ones on the market just didn’t tick my boxes. Then I discovered Shock Absorber. This sports bra is truly one of the most supportive garments I have ever worn. I tested their Ultimate Run bra and so far it has survived running, spinning, yoga and other random sports activities and at no point did I feel any discomfort wearing it.

Completely adjustable, this holds you in rather than squashes you in. It is made from a quick drying fabric so you don’t get any of that uncomfortable rubbing that I have found to be prevalent in other bras. It also allows skin to breathe which you want more than anything in the middle of an intensive workout.

I was sceptical that this would be as good as it claimed but it truly does everything it says on the tin and then some. I actually can’t see myself changing brand for a long time.

Shock Absorber sports bras are available in Debenhams.


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