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Every so often, something lands in our inbox that really gets the juices flowing. So we were super excited to receive info and pics of the much-anticipated Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs exhibition!

The showcase opens at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris on March 9th and will run until September 16th. We’ve already booked our flights for a rosemantic weekend in Paris in April so that we can check out this exciting retrospect.

The exhibition traces the careers of Louis Vuitton (who founded the eponymous fashion house in 1854) and Marc Jacobs (its artistic director since 1997), along with their contributions to the fashion world. It will look at the parallel stories of Vuitton and Jacobs across two centuries and analyse the fashion industry during these two periods; one beginning with 19th century industrialisation and the other peaking in twenty-first century globalisation.

The gallery space will cover two floors, each devoted to one of the designers. The first floor will pay tribute to Louis, who started his career as a trunk maker in 1854 – and will showcase some of the trunks he made, alongside fashion and accessories collections. The second floor will showcase a selection of Marc’s most iconic designs, tracing the last 15 years of his career at Louis Vuitton.

For more information, check out www.lesartsdecoratifs.fr

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