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As rumours circulate that top Irish model, Georgia Salpa is set to enter the I’m a Celebrity jungle, Frances Winston shares some of her top tips for jungle beauty survival


When we heard that Ireland’s own Georgia Salpa could be heading into the I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here jungle we were uber-excited – not least because we’re dying to see what she looks like without having her army of hairdressers and make-up artists to hand. Lets face it, as entertaining as the tasks are, what we women mostly tune in for is to see the obligatory models – super or otherwise – who have been thrust in there with film and sports stars, coping without the aid of their grooming products.

While some fare much better than others (Nell McAndrew stayed stunning throughout, Janice Dickinson not so much) they all seem to struggle without the basic products that we all take for granted. However, a little pre-planning can keep them looking babelicious for longer than you would think that people with no access to beauty booty should. Here is our advice for Georgia to keep looking gorgeous should she enter the camp.


Even if you could bring make-up into the jungle the conditions in there make it completely impractical. As any woman knows though if your eyes look “done” then it can open up your whole face and detract from any other imperfections. As the face of her own range of false eyelashes, which are on sale in Penneys, Georgia can’t afford to let standards slip so we would recommend eyelash extensions. Available from many salons, including the eye enhancement specialists Up To My Eyes in Wicklow, semi-permanent lashes can be expected to last around four weeks. A full set of lashes is €99 or if Georgia wanted real luxury she could opt for a full set of mink lashes which are slightly pricier at €120. These give your lashes plenty of volume and will ensure she maintains that wide eyed look despite being miles away from her mascara wand.

While there she should also invest in HD brows. This seven step treatment gives you truly striking brows designed specifically to suit your face. Using a range of methods including waxing, threading and tinting the brows are carefully teased into an incredibly defined shape that will frame any face beautifully. For a mere €50 and lasting for around six weeks she’d be mad not to indulge in this before departure.


When it comes to her tootsies and fingers Georgia should invest in Gel Nails. This is another area she can’t be seen to be slipping in as she also fronts a brand of false nails sold in Penneys. Available from places such as The Nail Bar in The Jervis Centre in Dublin for €55 for a full set and then €35 refills after that, this procedure sees a nail technician add a tip to your nails if necessary before painting them with a UV Gel in a French manicure style that sets rock hard to ensure that she won’t break a nail during those difficult jungle tasks. Alternatively she could go for a Shellac manicure which comes in a range of colours and is also chip proof. Whichever she chooses we would advise keeping it short as although the manicure will survive the toughest task we wouldn’t want her catching her nails on anything during it.


When Katie Price entered the jungle first time around she famously had her hair styled in corn rows which is surprisingly practical when you don’t have access to styling products, hair driers or a proper mirror. However we can’t see Georgia going down this route so we would recommend a long life blow dry. You’ve probably heard of the 12 week blow dry but the Art Team on Dublin’s Grafton Street offer an astonishing 16-week blow dry and best of all its organic. Usually €175 this is currently available for €125 and will ensure that Georgia’s locks remain sleek and shiny even in the absence of luxury haircare.


The last thing she will want while in the jungle is stubbly hair ruining her bikini bod. If she has time she should start laser hair removal sessions now. This is available from salons countrywide and the cost will depend on the areas you are having treated and how many sessions it takes. The beauty of laser is that once you have completed the recommended course of treatment the hair is gone forever. Kim Kardashian has recently admitted to having this done all over her body and Georgia has often been compared to her so could do worse than follow in her beauty footsteps. Alternatively we would advise a thorough waxing session. A specialist waxing bar like Urban Wax can take care of all her hair removal needs and ensure that she is super sleek before she enters the jungle. If she’s pressed for time however and can’t get to the waxing bar we would suggest she tries a little DIY in the form of Veet Easygrip Ready to Use Wax Strips (RRP €7.99). These are the latest addition to the Veet family and are probably the most user friendly home waxing product ever. You simply rub the strip between your hands to heat the wax and then apply it to the offending area before stripping it away quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. These strips are effective on hair as short as 1.5mm and when I tried these I found them easy to use – although reaching fiddly areas will take a bit of practice as will ensuring that the wax is warm enough. As an emergency fix it they are great though and could be just the thing to sort Georgia out after the long flight down under before she leaves civilisation behind.

Everything else…

Contestants are only allowed to bring one luxury into the jungle. Jimmy Osmond’s choice was a teddy bear, which he famously used to smuggle in contraband seasoning for the camp’s food. However we wouldn’t recommend that Georgia goes to these extremes to smuggle in her make-up. Instead she should invest in a tube of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. This wonder balm has been around since 1930 and really is the ultimate multi tasking product. She could use it as a lip balm, a moisturiser, a skin protectant, an after sun soother (and lets face it – there’s nowhere to hide from the rays in the jungle), cuticle conditioner, a foot cream (which will come in handy after the trek to the jungle from the posh hotel) and, if she’s missing her cosmetics, she can use some on her eyelids and cheeks to give her a sexy sleek shine. The soothing properties of this product will also come in useful should she get any random cuts and grazes while roughing it in camp.


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