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In honour of Natalie Portman marrying Benjamin Millepied last weekend, Vicky Kavanagh looks back at some of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping dresses from days gone by. In some cases, the dress lasted longer than the marriage; proof that fashion is eternal!


10.  Jackie marries Jack

Does anyone else find it hard to look at pictures of the future President Kennedy and his bride and not feel sad? Knowing what we know now about the marriage, it’s hardly the fairytale it appeared. However, while the marriage wasn’t beautiful, Jackie’s dress certainly was. Jackie’s Anne Lowe dress was a full skirted, traditional affair. Her long, trailing veil and little white gloves helped complete her look in a traditionally Jackie fashion. The frills at the end of her dress and v-neck bodice made her look like a vision.

9. Queen Victoria rules them all

Victoria and Albert brought several lasting trends to Britain and in turn, the rest of the world, including the Christmas tree. But we have Queen Vic to thank for the ritual of a white wedding dress. Her choice of a white silk and lace gown ordained with a gold medal in recognition of her status sparked a trend for white wedding dresses which continues to this day.

8. Bella marries her vampire

Yes, it’s all a sham (including the real life relationship!) but that doesn’t mean that Bella Cullen’s frock wasn’t rockin’. The Carolina Herrera gown took over six months to make, was hand stitched by four seamstresses and was crafted specifically for Stewart’s body. The best part of that entire film was probably that dress.

7. Elizabeth Taylor marries the first time

While the marriage wasn’t to last and six more would follow, Taylor’s bridal gown for her wedding to Nicky Hilton was beautiful. Head of costume at MGM designed the stunning gown; she also designed Taylor’s gown in the film Father of the Bride and would later design another wedding dress on this list. This creation took inspiration from the one Taylor wore in the film but was downplayed in comparison; creating a delicate, sweet and completely virtuous silhouette.

6. Elizabeth Taylor marries the fourth time

Elizabeth, we all can’t help but wonder why on EARTH you married Eddie Fisher; but nobody questioned the outfit you chose for your fourth trip down the aisle. The draped, deep green, hooded dress was simply stunning on Taylor. The cinched in waist, the flowing material, her jet black hair and bewitching eyes. You have to hand it to her; Taylor does wedding outfits like nobody else.

5. Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer

Another unfortunate on the list in regards to the dress outliving the marriage, but still. This one survived fourteen years, which is more than Kim Kardashian’s marriage and three of Taylors combined. In echoes of the time and her own style, Hepburn chose a full-skirted ballerina dress and polished the outfit off with roses in her hair. A class act.

4. Raquel Welch flashes the pins

Welch showed off her amazing legs when she wed Patrick Curtis in 1967. Could she be any more 6os if she tried? The hair, the eye make-up, the crochet detailing on the dress – all topped off with a white fur jacket. We salute you, Raquel, you saucy minx.

3. Ava Gardner and Old Blue Eyes

When Ava Gardner tied the knot with crooner Frank Sinatra, she did it her way. A halter-neck dress with a sheer shawl, fitted to perfection. Gardner looked more delicious than her wedding cake. With her short hair in an elegant wave, she was one very sexy bride.

2. Carrie and Big, take one

Okay, he stood her up at the aisle and Carrie is potentially the most annoying TV character ever to get an eight season run and two movies, but that Vivienne Westwood gown was to die for. While the bird/feather thing on her head was a bit much for my tastes, the diamante detail on the bosom, fitted yet draped cut and killer shoes made this one show-stopping wedding outfit.

1. Gwen rocks it

An unconventional choice indeed, but that is part of the beauty of this dress. John Galliano designed Stefani’s gown and it is so her. The pop of punk pink at the end of her dress, complemented by a matching pink bow at the bodice and light pink hue in her trail; her white blonde hair and trademark red lips. When this couple of musical royalty got married, it was done on their terms. And you having a wedding dress that is reflective of you is the most beautiful dress you could possibly have. You go Glen Coco!


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