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This month celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first Rolling Stones’ gig on London’s Oxford Street back in 1962. Isn’t it incredible to think that back then, nobody – not even the Stones themselves – knew the global and cultural icon the band would turn into?

Whether you enjoy their music or not, your fashion world has been, and will continue to be, touched by their influence. The logo of a lengthy tongue escaping from a full, red-lipped mouth has appeared on everything from mugs, to t-shirts, bags and underwear; and is synonymous with the band. As is an inherent ethos of “let the good times roll fast and loose”. Like any massive creative explosion, the fashion world mirrors a mass interest in a particular kind of music, period in time, texture… You get the picture. So, in ode to “Brown Sugar”, “She’s Like A Rainbow” and “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)”, let us channel our inner rock god. 

There is a complete and wonderful beauty to channelling the fashion of a Rolling Stone; you’re meant to walk out of the house looking scruffy. Now, doesn’t that just sound temptingly doable when hungover? In fact, a hangover only adds to the ensemble. First up, get your skinny jeans on. I know that pastels have been the craze this season but to hang with Keith and Co, you need deep colours; black, dark blue, red, maybe a pure white if you’re feeling brave enough but don’t even think about sitting down for the whole day if you do go there. And make sure you’re not wearing pink hotpants underneath. Jeans however, while not a necessity, represent an important component of this look: denim. If you want to don some shorts or a skirt that’s perfectly fine – once it’s denim.

Now that you’ve got your contribution of hard-working material, you need to balance it out. This entire vibe is all about looking like you didn’t try that hard, but you did in a mirror before you left the house. Comprende?

You can’t really go wrong with your choice of t-shirt (and it really does have to be a t-shirt), once you don’t pick A) preppy or B) uber-girly. You’ll look like, well, a bit of a twat! Bright colours, embellishments, distress, faded logos/pictures, slightly frayed at the seams, fitted, sleeveless, boobs in/out, t-shirt in/out… Once you pick something that has that spark of rock ‘n’ roll, you’re stringing a G minor.

Footwear; personally, this is the ONLY time I happily wear leopard print – in the form of stilettos. I’m not one for animal prints but it just pairs so wonderfully with this outfit, like salt and vinegar chips on a hot Summer’s day… note to Irish weather… you owe us some feckin’ sun!

For the hair, it depends on how much time you have. If you’re preparing the look in advance: wash hair, half-dry, apply mouse/texture serum etc, twist hair into 2-4 sections (depending on thickness and length) and sleep. Unwind hair in morning, add a little more product as needed. If you’re working this look with no advance warning, surf spray is your saviour. Tip your head upside down, squirt, scrunch, tip back over, backcomb slightly, squirt, crunch and you’re good to go. If your hair is a little on the fuzzy side, finish with some shine spray to keep it matte and sexy.

In regards to make-up, you HAVE to include either black-lined eyes or a post-box red mouth. If you don’t, I’m not quite sure you can call the look rock ‘n’ roll. For the former, don’t worry too much about it being precision perfect. A slight smudge will be seen as either intentional or the signs of a good night out. I would go old-school on this shiz – pencil eyeliners over gel – for that air of authenticity. Start with your top lid, just at the beginning of your lash line, with a light touch. As you work your way along the lid, increase the pressure and stop when you get to the end lash. With the light – and I mean light – pressure of your warm index finger, run your finger gently over the eyeliner. Repeat the same step with the bottom lash, minus the finger wiping. Feel free to add winged tips/side embellishments as you like and as suits.

For Jagger’s Ju-Ju lips, lightly dot some foundation across well exfoliated lips. Take your lip pencil, slowly and carefully trace out the shape of your mouth, staying as close to the lip line as possible. Then, using a lip brush, gradually building up colour, paint in your top lip. Do NOT do the same with the bottom. Instead, you want to apply the lipstick directly from the tube – unless your bottom lip is very thin, then you should apply with the brush. But if your bottom lip is like most and is naturally larger than your top, apply your lippie like they do in the movies. Rub lips together, blot on a tissue, reapply lipstick to bottom lip, rub together again and fix any bleeding that may have occurred. Personally, I think that for this look, the lipstick should remain matte. But if you feel naked without some gloss on, now is the time to apply it.

As for accessories, leather anything is good; handbag, jacket, biker boots; there’s a lot of freedom and creative interpretation that can be had with being a Stone, even when staying true to the uniform. The main thing is nailing that air of “I-Look-Hot-But-I-Don’t-Really-Care-’Cause-I’ve-Been-Partying-All-Night”. So you’ve two options; either party all night like a Rolling Stone or save your liver and follow our tips to be a Honky Tonk Woman without the nasty after-effects. Rock on, darlings.


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