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During these cold, damp Irish days, I find myself dreaming of foreign lands; in particular, New York City baby!

Whether you’ve been there in person or not, we’ve all been transported there at some point thanks to Hollywood movies. I was blessed enough to experience the sheer power of the city first hand. To say it left an impression on me is an understatement.

So what does any of this have to do with style? More so than any catwalk collection or current celebrity must-have, cities can truly inspire your wardrobe. When I think of NYC, my thoughts conjure up blasts of colour, energy and confidence. Whether I’m longing for Soho and the desire to dress so edgy that it hurts, or a bit of professional glamour like the shining building of the New York Stock Exchange, this city is an endless pool of ideas.

Red is the colour with the most connotations to NYC because of the nickname of the Big Apple and the iconic I heart NY memorabilia. Red is a fantastic colour to play with at this time of year; whether it be a kick-ass dress or a flush of rouge on your nails (as mine currently are). The bright yellow of the official New York taxis are making me long for some colourful heels to brighten my days. If you’re fearful of them being too garish, opt for a softer hue and the pastel shade will carry you through to autumn.

New Yorkers are obsessed with the condition of their hair. While I can’t muster up the passion (or the money) to go to the hairdresser three times a week, taking care of your hair will work wonders on any look you sport. Do you ever notice that if your hair is lank or dry it makes you look ill, no matter how good your make-up and clothes are? Your ‘do frames your face and outfit so treat it well.

If that’s not enough to inspire you, don’t forget that NY has been home to Holly Golightly, Edie Sedgwick, Studio 54, the set of “Gossip Girl”, Anna Wintour… the list goes on; basically entire generations of fashion icons and institutions. Whatever your mood, New York has a style to suit you.

For those who haven’t been, the most wonderful and enjoyable part about New York is the people. Less rude than the Parisians, more highly-strung than L.A, New York’s inhabitants are the thread that holds the fabric of the city together. They know what they want and they wanted it yesterday and they don’t give a damn what people think of them. While you’ll easily spot some outfits that make you cringe, frankly, you have to admire their attitude. From the girls in the burlesque clubs to the artists in Tribeca, they’re using their clothes as a form of empowerment and expression. Now who wouldn’t find that inspiring?

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