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This is exciting news indeed; iconic American fashion brand, J Crew is launching worldwide in over 100 countries and to build anticipation they are photographing personal style in several cities.

Hello, World! is an online feature on the official J.Crew website that highlights the inspiration and power that J.Crew clothing has over people across the world and documents the particular trends that each country possess in making the look their own.

Photographer and bloggers, Garance Doré and Scott Schuman travelled the world and illustrated how five tastemakers put together J.Crew outfits through colour, prints and an attitude that is translated perfectly in every language

The list includes Sven Schumann, handsome founder of online magazine, The Talks. Commenting on his laid-back demeanour and oh-so European look, he said;  “My favourite article of clothing is a pair of old jeans.”

Also featured is Hilary Tsui; blogger and owner of Hong Kong boutique, Liger who wears her ensemble loud, proud and extremely pink, “If I could wear only one colour it would be pink.”

Others on the list include Popeye magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Takahiro Kinoshita of Tokyo, fashion blogger Berta Bernad of Madrid and Tk Mak, founder of Hong Kong-based trendsetting pop culture magazine, Milk. All five bring their own spin, influence and cultural background to the pieces to make each image, never the same.

The second instalment in July will consist of street style from Sydney, Paris, Milan and London. With rumours circling that a J.Crew store is to open in the West End after the ‘Crew’ were spotted shopping for space in the area.

No word on a Dublin store yet but hey, if Abercrombie & Fitch believe we’re “worthy”, there’s no reason why J.Crew shouldn’t follow suit.

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