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She’s a little bit country and he’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll but these singing siblings never let their clashing musical tastes come between them.

Donny and Marie were a mere 18 and 16 respectively when they landed their own show in January 1976. He was one of the biggest teen heartthrobs in the world, having performed with his brothers for years as well as enjoying solo success with classics such as Go Away Little Girl and Puppy Love. She was one of the youngest singers ever to reach number one on the Billboard Country Music Charts with Paper Roses when she was 12!  Together they were the perfect clean-cut, all-American act and audiences loved them – for a while at least.

Their show was a variety type offering with sketches, songs and big name guest stars such as Lucille Ball, Vincent Price, Lee Majors and Olivia Newton-John, but in January 1979 it was cancelled. The show’s decline in popularity was blamed on the fact that Donny started dating Debbie Glenn, meaning that he was no longer “available” to fans (Osmond and Glenn subsequently married and are still together with five children and three grandchildren!). However by 1979 variety shows in general were on the way out and even an eponymous solo offering from Marie, which launched in 1980, only lasted one season.

The pair have both gone on to enjoy individual success but despite this in many people’s minds they still come as a pair and have been indelibly linked since their 70s heyday. They briefly hosted a talk show for two seasons from 1998 and they have headlined a Vegas show together since 2008 and despite performing together for over 35 years this pair never seem to get sick of each other.

They’ll be “Bringing it All Back to You” in Dublin’s O2 on January 31st next year. That’s unless they have a huge family falling out in the meantime. But since they’ve lasted 35 years without disagreeing on anything other than country music vs rock, that’s unlikely.


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