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Jewellery giants Thomas Sabo have long had a reputation for affordable luxury and their latest Sweet Diamonds collection embodies this ethos perfectly. As the title suggests, these gorgeously glam pieces contain a real diamond within their design (which comes with a Kimberly certificate). The round brilliant cut gem is “framed” by yellow gold in all of the pieces to really make it “pop” from within the silver surrounds. The size of the stone varies from piece to piece but they are all equally dazzling.

As we all know, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend and these pieces will only serve to reinforce this. The stunning items have been designed to include the Thomas Sabo staple symbols; such as wings, crosses and keys – although the gold and diamonds add a new subtlety to these already popular looks. They have also included some new styles, such as delicate flowers, refined bows and hearts and have even gone so far as to design a special packaging for the new pieces in the shape of a small heart-shaped box topped off with a little bow.

These two-tone pieces may seem a bit of a departure for the brand, which has made its name as a purveyor of affordable high fashion sterling silver pieces, but fans won’t be disappointed. These pieces are hugely feminine and could be worn day or night to really make a style statement. The heart-shaped pieces are sure to prove very popular as gift items for those who are romantically inclined but there isn’t a single item here that anybody would be disappointed to receive.

As we’ve come to expect from Thomas Sabo, the price point is affordable, making these pieces accessible to everyone, and this range is sure to make wearing diamonds during the day fashionable again, rather than just an eveningwear indulgence.


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