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Estée Lauder introduces a new colour trend collection for Autumn 2011.  The Pure Color Modern Mercury Collection is a limited edition, texturally graphic collection inspired by modern, avant-garde architecture.  Molten metallic eyes become the focus on a soft shimmering canvas and are complemented by edgy matte lips and a twisted shade of green on the nails.  Estée Lauder Creative Make-up Director, Tom Pecheux debuted pieces from the collection at the Derek Lam Fall 2011 show, creating a look reminiscent of rogue femininity combined with modern minimalism that was truly passionate and chic. We caught up with Tom Pecheux backstage to discuss the new colour collection.

Backstage at the Derek Lam AW11 show

What was the inspiration behind Modern Mercury?

I was inspired by modern architecture, modern buildings and all the phenomenal reflections you see on glass buildings that show the skyline. Whether it’s a blue sky, a snow storm or a beautiful sunrise or sunset, it’s never the same skyline colours you normally see because of the unique way the light is reflected off the glass. With Modern Mercury, you can be wearing the same colors, but you will never end up with the exact same look.

Everyone’s talking about the Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee, why is it so great?

It’s amazing because it really highlights different parts of the face.  You can use it as a highlighter on the highest part of the cheekbone, for example, and it really lifts up the cheeks.  It also gives skin an incredible glow and the colour is suitable for every skin tone. You can also apply it wet and use it as an eye shadow. If you really want to draw attention to your eyes, you can apply it to the inner corners of the eye. Applying it wet is great when you want the look to be very sharp and precise, such as the corners of the inner eye – otherwise, it can be applied dry for larger areas of the face.

Backstage at the Derek Lam AW 11 show

What are your favorite products from the Modern Mercury collection, and why?

I love them all because they all make women look beautiful in a very sensual, natural, fresh, glowy way. I really love the matte lipsticks, which add a bit of drama to the face, especially when you have incredible shimmery, glowing skin.  I also love the liquid eyeliners – their shimmer makes them incredibly eye-catching.

You said the Modern Mercury nail lacquer shade complements the rest of the collection, how so?

It’s a beautiful camouflage-like color that is almost transparent, which creates a nude nail that is really easy to wear, as opposed to a strong, bright colour. This perfectly complements the rest of the collection where the look is all about texture – shimmery skin with matte lips and striking, shimmery eye-liner.


The Pure Color Modern Mercury collection is available now from Estee lauder counters.

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