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Any hopes of a reconciliation with wife Yvonne have been well and truly dashed for Ronan Keating, as she has stepped out with new boyfriend, cameraman John Conroy in London. The father of six and Yvonne have reportedly been seeing one another since February after meeting on the set of Dark Touch which features the Keatings’ 11-year-old daughter. The Irish couple’s marriage broke up following Ronan’s affair with a backing dancer whilst part of Boyzone. A source close to Ronan told the Mirror; “The news that Yvonne has found love again has hit him really hard. He was desperate to try to make her give him ­another chance, but by cheating on her like he did, Ronan broke the trust that once existed between them.” You cheat, she moves on…end of story Ro-Ro!

He certainly liked it, so he put a ring on it! Saucy TV presenter Melanie Sykes has become engaged to toyboy Jack Cockings on her 42nd birthday! The pair, who famously caused a heated commotion on the auld Twitter machine with their erotic exchanges, kept it clean today when announcing their happy news, with Melanie tweeting; “To my beautiful twitter friends just want to let you know that me &Jack @bespokespartan are engaged to be married and we are very giddy xxxx. Your messages of congratulations have made me cry in a gorgeous lovely way. Thank you so much peeps. I love you xxxxx.” Now, please do keep all the naughtiness behind closed doors!

Now I know why Harry Styles’ hair is so big and curly…it’s so full of devilment and rumours. The most recent rumour being quite sensational! 32-year-old DJ Lucy Horobin, who enjoyed a fling with the 18-year-old One Directioner, is reportedly divorcing husband of one year Oliver. It is thought behind closed doors, the pair argued over the fling and mutually decided to separate. So, you have one divorce and many cougars under your belt and you’re only 18…Harry Styles #winning, everyone else #losing

Many say the Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie feud is intensifying, with the pair engaged at the same time. Me? I say bring on the bride wars! Justin Theroux who, might I add, seems to have had a very positive effect on Aniston (she just has that glow about her!), has copped on he has a good thing going and proposed to the actress! A spokesperson for Justin confirmed to People magazine; “Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage. They’re great friends.” So here’s an idea, just throwing it out there now; have your weddings the same weekend, go all out with the caterers etc, invite me to both and I’ll decide who wins the Bride Wars…just an intelligent suggestion!

Well, after many wild guesses as to who she was dating (and believe me the press went through a lot of men!), Cheryl Cole has unveiled her new man to the world. She left two restaurants on two separate occasions in the one week with the same man, dancer Tre Holloway. A diner at the restaurant in London, which provided a cosy getaway for Chezza, her beau, Nicola Roberts, Kimberly Walsh and her boyfriend, noted that “The two are clearly very close. Several times Cheryl leaned in to him and touched his knee as he spoke. There is certainly a spark between them.” The pair met when Cheryl performed Promise This on the X Factor in 2010 and the chemistry was rife as Tre grasped her waist as they exited the eaterie this week. Let’s hope this one doesn’t text pictures of his willy to random women, sleep with many, deny it all, throw away his second chance with Cheryl and shoot a teenager on work experience…can’t happen twice can it?


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