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Tyra Banks has still got it! The America’s Next Top Model host is reportedly getting it on with new judge, 24-year-old British model Robert Evans. The two, who have been spending a considerable amount of time together due to the filming of the reality show, were also seen enjoying drinks in an LA hotel before heading to Robert’s room, and by God I’m sure they didn’t head there to play their intense game of scrabble in private! An eyewitness reported that he put his arm around her as they walked to the elevator. Nothing like sleeping your way to the top position Robert, high five!

Proof that no matter how thin, beautiful and stonkingly rich you may be, you still can’t be guaranteed to hold on to your man; as 37-year-old model and businesswoman Kimora Lee Simmons has reportedly split from second husband Djimon Hounsou. It’s thought Hounsou stormed out following a massive argument about money. You see, I’m best off living my life as a poor citizen, all cash does is cause problems!

And with one split comes a wedding as Matthew McConaughey wed Camila Alves in a surprise intimate ceremony! The pair aren’t known for flaunting their relationship for all to see and their wedding was no different. The three-day celebration, located in his hometown of Austin Texas, began with a rehearsal dinner on Friday night, followed by the actual ceremony on Saturday. The groom wore a Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo although I must dispute, a nudist ceremony with Matthew involved would have pleased me far more! The bride on the other hand wore a dress by a Brazilian designer. Brazilian food was served, unlike the Sunday night celebrations when wholesome Southern food was the choice! A beautiful couple with two beautiful children engaging in the ultimate declaration of love… just an average weekend in the perfect life of a celebrity!

Oh well, it was looking hopeful for a while there as Courtney Cox and David Arquette remained friends following their split, after a massive twelve years together, but alas it wasn’t meant to be and David has filed for divorce. It was reported he signed the papers in March and held on to them for three months but for some strange reason (and I’m hoping it’s because he’s planning the ding dong of wedding bells soon to a mystery woman!) he has chosen now as the right time to file the documents. I’m sure Courtney’s thrilled… if ever there was an excuse to go out and get drunk until you can’t remember!

There’s nowhere more romantic than in Marbs with your reality TV ‘friends’, with a camera crew recording your every movement to decide to propose to your girlfriend, is there? TOWIE couple Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone have confirmed reports the pair are set to wed… with a £25,000 engagement ring! Quite romantically, Mario popped the question during a moonlit boat ride. Awhhhh, how romantic, and I’m sure the five-strong camera crew capturing the moment didn’t spoil the romance at all!


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