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She’s told us previously that these boots were made for walking but I’m sure she won’t be expected to do much walking today as it’s Jessica Simpson’s birthday! July 10th 2012 is a day when, I’m sure, fiancée Eric Johnson’s credit card has melted due to overuse and when new baby Maxwell Drew will just have to take a backseat… sure you only turn 32 once!

Jessica Ann Simpson was born in Texas to Joe and Tina Simpson (look very closely at a paparazzi shot, the fame hungry pair are never far behind the star!). As her father was a Baptist Minister (he has one of those voices), church was Jessica’s first chance at publically performing and at the age of 12 she made a quick dash for the Mickey Mouse club like other child stars such as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had done before her. Unfortunately, her application must have got lost in the Texan postal service as she never got that coveted space… it’s a cruel world when you’re 12! Jessica continued singing until she was discovered whilst performing at a church camp.

With her pushy father acting as her manager and her mother as her stylist, Jessica was signed to the Sony record label and toured with boy bands in the late 1990s. She released two albums in 1999 and 2001 but her vocals were eclipsed by the enormous success of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera; hardly surprising really!

It wasn’t really until Jessica married boy band hunk Nick Lachey (ohhhh those muscles!) on October 26th 2002 and the pair began filming for their MTV reality show, Newlyweds that her fame really sky-rocketed. The show documented the couple’s first and then second year of marriage, with cracking lines from Jessica such as when she was eating a tin of Tuna labelled ‘the chicken of the sea’ that she said; “Is this chicken that I have or is this fish?” Priceless!

Around this time, Jessica released her third studio album, In This Skin and it was an instant hit with fans. Grabbing her fame quite firmly by the horns, Jessica trained hard to fit into that teeny weeny bikini as she took on the role of Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard remake. But by the end of that same year in 2005, the couple who were so gosh darn in love, filed for divorce.

In 2006, Jessica appeared in two more movies but both did little to tickle the imagination and so she made the decision to return to music and recorded Do You Know in 2008, a country music track which entered the billboard charts at number 5.

Somewhere along the way, Jessica managed to fit in a little romance and got engaged to sports star Eric Johnson. Call it love or whatever you want but Jessica Simpson’s net worth has just grown and grown, mostly due to the fashion empire she began designing in 2009. In 2010, sales of Jessica’s clothes/shoes/accessories generated $750 million. She also returned to reality television all in the name of fashion, starring alongside Nicole Richie in Fashion Star, hosted by Elle McPherson.

In what is most likely her proudest moment to date, Jessica gave birth to the couple’s first child in May this year. With all that money, did I fail to mention baby Maxwell Drew’s crib was constructed entirely from legal tender? Whatever you do Maxwell, just don’t ask your Mammy if she wants chicken or tuna for dinner… awkward!

Happy birthday Ms Simpson!


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