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It’s unlikely that Tom Cruise is jumping up and down on any sofas today; his wife, Katie Holmes has left him and he turns the big 5-0!

But always look on the bright side Tom, you have a lot to be thankful for. Let’s take a look at his long, successful and sometimes wacky career.

Tom really was destined for great things from the very beginning, I mean, he was christened Thomas Cruise Mapother IV for goodness sake and born in the bright lights of New York; if that alone doesn’t scream future superstar, I don’t know what does!  Tom’s parents split when he was 11 years old and he, his mother and three sisters finally settled to live in New Jersey.  Suffering from severe dyslexia in school, Tom excelled in sports and considered a career in professional wrestling (wrestling? Maybe not, but a professional horse jockey now that I could imagine!)

At the age of 14, Tom enrolled to become a priest but two years later, a teacher persuaded him to participate in the school’s production of Guys and Dolls. When Tom won the lead role…well, it all went from there really!

Tom was a force to be reckoned with from the very beginning, setting himself a 10 year deadline in which to crack the acting nut. He moved to New York (oh, how clichéd of him!) and struggled from audition to audition before landing an appearance in Endless Love, a 1981 movie starring Brooke Shields. Around the same time, he also landed a very small role in a Sean Penn movie, Taps.

It was this small role though that changed Cruise’s career. His part in the movie was upgraded after the director spotted his potential. His performance caught the eye of many critics and filmmakers and in 1983 he starred in The Outsiders alongside Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe. Although not greatly received, the movie showcased his talents and it was his first chance to work with a highly-acclaimed director.

Do the words Risky Business mean anything to you? So yes its success is probably down to the scene in which the young actor appeared in his underwear but hey, Kim Kardashian’s whole career is based on her getting naked so what harm could it do! The film grossed $65million, not bad for a ten year plan!

Taking a two year hiatus (because he totally could now he was all professional and the like!) Tom was back with an almighty bang with the movie Top Gun, starring alongside Meg Ryan. The testosterone-fuelled action romance was set against the backdrop of a naval flight school and became the highest grossing movie of 1986. Starring in more and more critically acclaimed movies in roles alongside even bigger actors, Tom even won a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his part in Born on the Fourth of July. What do we reckon, is Tom a hang your trophies in the bathroom kind of man? I’m sure there’s a roll of toilet paper hanging proudly from a Golden Globe in one of the hundreds of bathrooms at his mansion!

As for romance… well I’m sure Hollywood’s hottest property wasn’t short of a few female admirers! Tom and Mimi Rogers married in 1987 and it was Mimi who introduced Tom to the wonders of Scientology; the religion Tom claimed even cured his dyslexia… erm ok, moving on! The two, although truly, madly, deeply in love I’m sure, divorced in 1990. Whilst making a movie with Nicole Kidman in that same year, the pair showed real chemistry onscreen and before you could say Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, the pair had married! Throughout the couple’s 11 year marriage, quite lengthy by today’s standards, they were forced to constantly defend their union and the happiness of it. They adopted two children, Connor and Bella but unfortunately, in 2001, the pair filed for divorce and it was finalised that year.

I cannot go any further without mentioning that Oprah incident. Tom had been courting (sounds more romantic when you use that word really, doesn’t it?) Katie Holmes in a very publicised relationship before appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show and he proceeded to profess his love by bouncing up and down on her sofa in the most ridiculous fashion; still makes me cringe to this day and I’m sure the wooden spoon was fished out and Katie gave him a right all spanking for the shameful performance! After only two months together, Tom proposed engaged and the pair were happily married, complete with fashionistas daughter Suri, until, oh, about a week ago, when Katie packed her bags and left the diminutive actor.

So although Tom has gone on to star in hugely successful movies such as Mission:Impossible, Jerry Maguire and War of the Worlds, and up until last week it seemed he was settled down and happily married, it remains to be seen what happens now for Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, but for today, happy birthday Mr Cruise!


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