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WINTER SKIN: Top Tips and Products for Caring for Your Skin

Winter skincare

It can’t have escaped your notice that winter is well and truly upon us and the weather is slowly but surely getting colder and a bit more miserable. The central heating is on full blast and if you haven’t found yourself caught in one of the numerous recent rain showers then consider yourself lucky. While this shift in the elements is an annual occurrence, few of us adapt our skincare … [Read more...]

BUTTER ME UP: Our Favourite Body Butters

Body Butter

You can’t beat hopping out of the shower on a cold morning, drying off and slathering on your favourite body butter. Body butters are packed with vitamins A and E to intensely hydrate and moisturise the skin. They form a protective barrier over the skin to hold in moisture and keep skin feeling softer for longer. All good body butters are rich in essential omega 3 fats, which aside from … [Read more...]

MIDWEEK INDULGENCE: Pearlys Express Teeth Brightening at Harvey Nichols Dundrum – Review

Teeth Whitening

Although I don’t smoke or drink coffee – two of the main culprits for teeth discolouration – like most people day to day eating and drinking had varied the natural shade of my teeth slightly. Not so that it was hugely noticeable but I could definitely see it, so when I was invited to test the Pearlys Express Teeth Brightening service I was seriously interested in checking it out. I’ve … [Read more...]

BEAUTY FOCUS: The New Benefit Boutique in Dublin

Benefit 1

We were beyond excited when we learned that beauty giants Benefit were getting set to bring their own brand of kitsch glam to their very own store. However, the finished result, which only recently opened its doors, has exceeded even our wildest expectations. This is more than just a cosmetic store – this is a one stop shop full of fabulousness. The décor is pure girly with lots of pink yet … [Read more...]

COMPETITION: Our Top Five Celebrity Fragrances – Win the Lot!


Here at The Daily Update we love a good celeb fragrance, but there are so many on the market right now it’s hard to know which ones to pick. Here are five of our current must-have scents from some of our favourite A-Listers. Katy Perry Killer Queen A regal kick-ass fragrance. Wear it when you feel in-control, domineering and self-confident. €33.95 for 50ml.   Celine Dion … [Read more...]

WTF! The World’s Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments Revealed

Close-up of a young woman holding a glass of water and gargling

For hundreds of years, women have been willing to try anything in the quest for eternal beauty. From the conventional to the downright crazy, there aren’t many lengths some women will go to in order to slow down the ageing process and feel more beautiful. We founds some of the craziest and most disgusting beauty treatments and products from around the world. Bird poo facials - … [Read more...]

BEAUTY FOCUS: Nude Make-Up – Product Reviews

Nude Makeup

Autumn leaves are falling once again which means it’s time to update your make up look. One very wearable trend that never really goes away is the nude look. Of course this doesn’t mean going bare faced (heaven forbid!), but rather it involves using neutral shades cleverly to create a barely there look that can easily be adapted to a night time look and which is suitable for pretty much every … [Read more...]

PRODUCT FOCUS: Best Eyeliners – Review


Make-up trends come and go but black eyeliner on the top eyelid doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It seems we women can’t get enough of that dramatic flicked feline type look. Whether your preference is for a full-on Amy Winehouse dramatic sweep or a more subtle look a la Keira Knightly there are plenty of products out there to help make it easier for you. This is an area that is very … [Read more...]

NEW BEAUTY APP: WhatSalon Launches in Ireland

WhatSalon app 1

I recently tried to make a hair appointment only to be told that my usual salon couldn’t fit me in as now that the children were back in school all the mums were in having their highlights done. While this was undoubtedly very nice for the mums it didn’t solve my own highlights dilemma and left me scrambling to try and find a salon that could accommodate me as I had an event in a couple of … [Read more...]

BEAUTY SOS: Autumn Skincare Survival Tips


As we move through the seasons, it’s important to adapt your skincare regime accordingly, as the climate dramatically affects the state of the skin. As you begin to have to wear thicker clothing and deal with colder weather, the skin can become more temperamental, generally dehydrated and more sensitive. Here are our top tips to help keep your face and body looking super radiant as we move … [Read more...]