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Bright Eyes (€50), the reparative antioxidant-rich eye crème from luxe Spa brand VOYA conquers dark circles, reduces puffiness, and smooth’s fine lines and wrinkles, leaving eyes looking bright and radiant.

The skin around the eyes is far thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face. Heavier face creams are too thick for this delicate skin and can overload it causing puffiness, yet the skin around eyes needs to be kept hydrated in order to keep it looking fresh and firm. VOYA’s Bright Eyes concentrated cream is ideal for under eye skin. Light in texture, yet packed full of the anti-aging properties contained in hand harvested seaweed, VOYA’s Bright Eyes strikes the perfect balance as a highly effective, yet light eye cream.

Perfect for a pre-party eye treat or pepping up post party peepers, this advanced beauty fix is supercharged with VOYA’s unique organic, clock-stopping antioxidants derived from nutrient rich seaweed extracts which will repair tired eyes, restoring them to their brightest state.


For stockist information please contact: VOYA on 071 9168956 & sales@voya.ie.

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