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I believe this book can be referred to as an oldie but a goldie!

Cecelia Ahern’s Where Rainbows End may be out a few years now but in my view, it totally surpasses PS I Love You in terms of readability and enjoyment.

The structure of the book is most unusual and is written completely in letter/email/text form. It tells the story of Rosie and Alex in a timeline of their entire lives. We meet the pair when they are naughty children and we follow them as rebellious teenagers and struggling adults before we finally leave them as old codgers!

The twist and turns this book takes are completely unexpected at times and there are parts of this story that are almost guaranteed to bring a tear to the glassiest of glass eyes!

Where Rainbows End was never going to win any literary awards but sure most of those go to the boring books anyway! A cracking feel good read from Ms Ahern.


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